Advantages of using magnetic boxes

If you want your gift to be reliably protected during transport, it must be packed in a sturdy box. Magnetic boxes are best suited for these purposes. They are made of cardboard with a high level of strength. To prevent the package from opening accidentally, a magnetic plate is built into it.

Special paper is used to create a formal look. You can choose the design of custom magnetic boxes to your liking. This will allow you to prepare a unique gift for your family and friends or a present for your colleagues.

Why magnetic gift boxes is so popular?

You can choose magnetic gift boxes of the required size. It perfectly fits any gifts, from jewelry to baked goods, which shouldn’t be damaged until they are delivered to the addressee. The main advantages of such packages are:

·         ability to use it several times;

·         design that provides reliable fixation and storage of even fragile items;

·         varied shape and volume;

·         unusual design that can be chosen individually;

·         pleasant to the touch materials for the decoration of the outer and inner parts of the box.

Such packaging is a distinctive option for the presentation of a new product on the shelves of stores and boutiques. To make it distinguishable from the rest of the boxes, it is enough to put the name of your company and its logo on the surface. Customers will appreciate the stylish packaging and will want to purchase your product.

Where can you create your own design of custom magnetic boxes?

It is easy to order unique decorative magnetic boxes – just contact our company. We offer unusual boxes with magnetic closure that can be reused.

There is a special constructor on the pages of our site, which helps users choose a design for their magnetic boxes https://cooverbox.com/en/craft/magnitnaya/. It can be any image, material for decorating the cover, additional accessories that will make your packaging original. The size of the box will fully meet the needs of our customers. Packaging can be rectangular or square, have the required volume and additional elements for fixing your gift.

Boxes are delivered worldwide. Just choose the design you want and please your loved ones with unusual gifts placed inside the box. Your present will remain in memory for a long time and will add positive emotions during the presentation.


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