Advantages of using a professional email

Nowadays using a professional email has a lot of advantages, to improving or giving a vision to your clients of professionalism. But there are still many companies that use free email addresses, such as those that do not relate to their brand. That is, it is essential to use a corporate email address.

Reflect professionalism

When a customer wants to contact the company, whether it is a store or a service, it is better to use the domain of your website, for example, [email protected], than to use a free email server That way we relate professionalism with your email with the name of your web domain.

Have multiple email addresses

One of the benefits is that you can have many email addresses with the name of your domain, that is, you can have emails for your employees, for different sectors, such as contact or info, that way customers will have greater ease when contacting the company.

Improve the Marketing of your website

Professional mail is used as a marketing tool, in order to attract more traffic to the web. That way, apart from generating trust with users, we can attract customers because the email is associated with our web domain, that is, it is easier to find.


When a free email service stops working or is hacked, the safest thing is that your email messages and the documents you have stored cannot be recovered. It may also be that the free service closes without warning and what it entails is that you lose everything.  That way you won’t be able to save all your information in time.

When you use a professional email, the above cases cannot happen, as you have regular backups and additional protection.

Features for using compsaMail professional server

CompsaMail offers collaboration features to facilitate joint work with team members, customers, and partners. The one is to help improve the overall productivity of an organization.

Available collaboration features include:

·       Organizational calendars and conference rooms

·   Shared contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes

·   Group chat, for internal text, audio, and video chat one-to-one

·   Team workspaces for text, audio, and video on the internal or external computer

File storage

CompsaMail’s built-in file storage can remove large attachments and makes file sharing easier: simply upload a file to a folder of your choice, and then include a link to that file from your email message. Users have the possibility to protect file downloads with a password, as well as to put a time limit on the links provided.

Calendars and schedules

SmarterMail’s calendar simplifies scheduling meetings and events. It is possible to share business or personal calendars with attendees or others to help you schedule appointments. Calendars can also display task start and end dates, highlight business hours, and are flexible enough for an international date and time support.