Advantages of Rustic looking tiles as floor and wall tiles

With changing times, tastes of people are also shifting from vibrant and quality floor tiles to subtle and elegant rustic look. Gone are the days when only sleek surfaces and modern tiles lines use to impressive and attract people’s attention. Adding rustic tiles for your floor and walls provides a simplified yet stylish look for your indoor and outdoor spaces. The variant textures of rustic tiles along with their warm hues offer the perfect delicate and refined theme to your area. Pavit Ceramics is the leading provider of a range of rustic indoor and outdoor tiles incorporating their perfect natural look.

Rustic tiles generally are the decorative tiles with porcelain body and matt finish look. The common colours that are available in this range vary from different shades of brown, grey, beige and cream. The different shades of colours bring out the liveliness to the space they are applied to. The mix and match of dark and light colours provides a stabilized and unique look with the natural texture. Rustic tiles are a popular choice for both commercial as well as residential properties.

Here are a few advantages of having rustic looking tiles at your home or place of business:

  1. Non-Slip Effect

Rustic tiles due to their matt finish surface have a good slip resistance. Because of their not so smooth surface texture, they provide good friction with good wear and tear ability. Due to this feature they are perfect for bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor high footfall areas’ flooring.

  • Anti-fouling performance

Rustic finish tile surfaces have a good thick layer of glaze. This helps in a better anti-fouling and dirt removal ability. They act as hygienic floors as they do not store dust or stain particles keeping the surface neat and clean. So if you have children or pets at your place, these are the best go-to tiles.

  • Rich colours and evergreen tiles

Rustic tiles never go out of fashion. The texture and design they are available in are always distinguishable and unique. Due to their subtle colours and natural beauty they can be seamlessly used for long time. Be it indoor or outdoor areas like patios, sit-outs or home entrance; the colours will always mesmerize the onlookers.

  • Variety of patterns

With the availability of variety of sizes and colours available in rustic tiles, it is convenient to bring out various patterns. These natural finish tiles add a warm feeling to the whole area they are applied to. Adding rustic looking tiles to the entrance walls or any of the indoor walls will automatically enhance the beauty of the area. They perfectly add value to one’s property radiating a stylish and classy look.

  • Easy to maintain

Rustic finish tiles are clearly hardwearing and easy to clean and maintain. As durable flooring they can withstand rough climatic conditions as well as heavy foot falls. A simple wipe with damp cloth is enough to clean the spills on its surface. Therefore they are the perfect addition to any of your space.

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