Advantages of Paying with BTC You Didn’t Know!  

Advantages of Paying with BTC – Bitcoin is quickly becoming a widely accepted cryptocurrency for trading. Because of its volatility, many people questioned whether cryptocurrencies and bitcoins, in general, would ever amount to anything. Still, many companies, such as Navicosoft, accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Bitcoin VPS is a straightforward way to buy VPS with BTC without dealing with the hassles and delays associated with the traditional banking system.

Bitcoin virtual server hosting is merely a term that indicates VPS hosting providers can send you a VPS with immediate deployment while accepting Bitcoin as payment.

They acknowledge Bitcoin as a payment method, which makes it simple for anyone, regardless of location, to benefit from VPS plans. In addition, because you are using Bitcoin, the value does not change; you still receive several different operating systems for your respective VPS server. So let’s talk about the features and advantages of paying with BTC you didn’t know.

How does Bitcoin function?

Bitcoin is a digital payment system that allows you to purchase goods without using your fiat currency. Instead, your Bitcoin wallet makes your payment.

However, you should know that you cannot set your VPS Bitcoin to recurring payments. Therefore, you cannot also get your money back after sending a payment with Bitcoin.

Stating it in easy terms, Bitcoin VPS is the same as any other VPS purchased with other payment methods; you need to read the terms and conditions page.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the digital revolution of the twenty-first century. Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly becoming significantly more prevalent in every field worldwide. Hosting is no exception, as many providers are now beginning to take added benefit of this innovative and alternative payment method. As a result, many businesses, including Navicosoft, have started to accept VPS pay with bitcoin. Besides, moving money with cryptocurrency is a much simpler process thanks to the Lightning Network.

But what are the advantages of VPS pay with Bitcoin?

Identity Preservation

Paying with cryptocurrencies enables you to remain anonymous, ensuring that your individuality and personal information not compromise. Transactions made with Bitcoin help you maintain your privacy because they do not reveal personal details. And the payment process consists solely of transferring money from one address to another. Moreover, all the data saves on the blockchain, which distributes worldwide, resulting in the secure preservation of every transaction. Furthermore, because the blockchain records information about any transaction, you can inspect your payments using various blockchain explorers.

Optional Payment Method

Paying for your virtual private server with Bitcoin is also advantageous if you do not currently have direct exposure to traditional payment methods such as PayPal and banking applications. If that is the case, paying with cryptocurrency is the best way to transfer money to your hosting provider because of its availability. And transaction freedom that cryptocurrencies can provide. Furthermore, setting up a Bitcoin wallet is extremely simple and takes no more than five minutes and a device with an internet connection.

International Transaction Costs Are Lower

If your VPS provider is in a country other than yours, payments made through a bank will be subject to international transaction fees. These costs, however, would be significantly lower when you buy Windows VPS using Bitcoin because they are determined separately from standard fees because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. As a result, no government or other institution can impose strict limitations on it, which also helps to prevent potential inflation.

Bitcoin operates around the clock.

Banks close after hours and on weekends, freezing any funds held in them until the next business day. Bitcoin does not have this issue. In an age when server and web application speed and uptime are critical, having a payment system available that does not close regardless of the time of day or year guarantees you never miss a payment. You can also pay with multiple bitcoin wallets without very much difficulty. Have you ever tried using various credit cards to pay for a product or service in the “real world”? If you can do it at all, it is usually a hassle. Therefore, VPS pay with BTC shouldn’t be a problem for you!

It’s a fast, lightning network.

Transactions on the Lightning Network took slightly longer to process in the past because it needs approval first. Furthermore, only a limited number of exchanges could be performed at any given time globally, likely to result in even longer queues and long wait times. However, with the emergence of the Lightning Network, payments are completed much faster than before while also preserving transaction security and privacy, which is why virtual private server providers like Navicosoft have decided to implement and use it in their business operations.

Using Mobile Payment

Nowadays, most users expect to have their billing payment and billing options at their fingertips. This is why you can now complete Bitcoin transactions using a mobile device or a smartphone. To accommodate those who want to be able to pay for their servers at any time and from any location. When systems are centralized, they are operated and controlled by a single entity, whether an individual, a business, or the government. Decentralized technology is a system in which no single entity has complete control, including the ability to destroy the system. A decentralized system is run by a system of participants who operate on mutual consent. For example, you buy VPS with crypto with Navicosoft, which is one of the decentralized payment systems.

The following are the benefits of using a decentralized payment system to fund VPS server hosting.

  • Users are not required to rely on traditional payment methods, which may fail for reasons beyond their control. Because conventional systems are centralized, they represent a SPOF (single point of failure).
  • Similarly to the previous point, a central entity (such as a bank) cannot refuse or suspend your payment. If it declined or stopped, you may jeopardize your server’s uptime.

Why should you use Bitcoin to make a payment?

Overall, using Bitcoin provides you with security and privacy protection. And the ability to conduct less expensive global transactions not only from your desktop but also from your mobile device. Furthermore, if you do not have access to traditional payment applications and systems such as bank transactions or PayPal, you can use Bitcoin as a successful and alternative payment method.

Finally, these are only a few of the many benefits that paying with Bitcoin can provide for your VPS server. But they are undeniably some of the most significant.


In general, many people find it inconvenient to refer to a previous payment or transaction when dealing with subscription-based or web services. You must log in to this, log in to that, search for this, and check that. It’s tedious and irritating. Bitcoin, on the contrary, does not have that issue. You don’t need to log in; search the bitcoin wallet you pay from in any bitcoin blockchain explorer to view the history. Nobody suspects it’s your wallet.

This makes handling payments for services like web hosting much easier and more organized. You and the host will never disagree about whether or not a payment process and neither of you will have any difficulty in looking up this information in the future. 


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