Advantages of Made to Measure, Custom, Bespoke Furniture

Choosing to have custom-made or bespoke furniture positively impacts your life and the environment. Bespoke and custom-made furniture mean the same thing: furniture completely personalised for you, such as fitted wardrobes. The ability of custom and made-to-measure furniture to meet particular requirements and dimensions puts it ahead of store-bought furniture. Design and manufacture is a two-way process between the client and supplier. When done correctly, the resulting product proves to be a perfect fit.

The following are the benefits of fitted bedroom furniture, especially if you have awkward spaces in your home.


There are many cases of homeowners buying furniture at a furniture store that does not fit the intended space. Even when you visit the store with a tape measure, adding or subtracting a few millimetres can make a cabinet or wardrobe completely unusable.


The usefulness of furniture can significantly be impaired when you try to match store-bought furniture with certain space constraints. When you design a piece of furniture while considering a specific space, you capitalise on its functionality in various ways. Bespoke furniture can improve storage while utilising difficult areas.

Custom-made furniture can overcome space challenges, designed to your specifications. The furniture can be designed to flaunt or hide some items. Also, making custom furniture allows you to install feature lighting in a cabinet or under cabinet lighting to give a room a gentle ambience at night.


You might have been in your home for a long time. Your furniture has served you well, and you still love its general aesthetic. However, situations change, and children grow and move out, leaving you with several unused rooms. You can make small adjustments to improve the general liveability of a space. Custom furniture can be as magnificent as you like; however, it has the ability to blend into your home seamlessly. Customised furniture perfectly meets your needs without bowing to current trends and store-bought furniture.


When you directly work with furniture makers, you will have the extra assurance that your built-in wardrobes, for example, will be durable. Among the main issues with mass-produced furniture is that it’s usually made with sub-standard materials and finishes, meaning the product will not last long. Investing the time and money into this collaborative approach results in longevity and high-quality furniture. Even compared to premium furniture brands, custom furniture still leads in terms of quality and cost.

Unique Style

It is common for homeowners to have a lot of lovely store-bought furniture, although it may not be what they are looking for. Custom-made furniture fascinates even the most stubborn tastes, which gives you control in all aspects. The size, style, and materials used all depend on you. It allows you to have built-in wardrobes that blend with the rest of your colour scheme instead of settling with 2-pack or store-bought laminated furniture. Teaming up with an experienced artisan makes your vision a reality. So, if you desire unique furniture, such as wardrobes that perfectly suit your aesthetic and home, then custom-made are best.

Superior Quality

Although there is quality mass-produced furniture, it cannot match the quality of a specially customised piece created by a skilled craftsperson. These furniture specialists add a level of artistry, expertise, and sustainability that cannot be found with factory-made furniture pieces. You also have the option of choosing sustainably sourced or reclaimed construction materials. If you have a budget to cater for high-end furniture from a retail store, bespoke furniture can be amazingly comparable in cost while adding more value. For a piece of furniture with attention to detail and longstanding craftsmanship, your natural choice should be custom-made furniture.

Tips When Buying Fitted Wardrobes

When looking into built-in wardrobes for your home, consider the following tips.

• Start by figuring out your needs, more so the amount of space you require. You may afford the biggest walk-in wardrobes, but do you need that much for your clothes?

• Identify unused spaces and determine how to maximise the space with bedroom furniture.

• Identify suitable material and finishes for your interior. You can contact a custom-made furniture expert like Bravo London for professional advice.

• Have a budget and adhere to it. It is tempting and easy to add unlimited customisations, which can quickly inflame the overall price.

For all your custom, bespoke wardrobe fittings, contact Bravo London for a free brochure and to schedule a free design visit. This will save you money and ensure you get the desired design and quality. You can check the company’s portfolio of completed projects to help you get started on your ideas for fitted wardrobes. The skilled artisans can install several types of furniture in any space. The furniture will seamlessly match the rest of your interior decor.

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