Advantages of a Hoverboard and its disadvantages

Gyroscooter is an electric vehicle in the form of a hoverboard with two wheels on the sides. The balance of the body controls the gyro scooter. When moving the body forward, the scooter starts moving forward; when moving the body back, the scooter reverses. An increase in the speed of movement occurs with an increase in the angle of inclination of the body.

The turn is carried out by transferring the body forward on one of the legs. Segway mini is powered by an electric motor powered by a battery, and gyroscopic sensors are responsible for the movement and control of the device.

Characteristics of the gyro scooter.

Gyroscooters come in different models from different manufacturers. The main difference is the size of the wheels. The larger the wheels, the less whimsical the hoverboard is to the surface.

The gyro scooter weighs, on average, about 10 kg, which allows you to carry it in your hands in a unique carrying bag.

Gyroscooters are designed for children weighing 30 kg and adults weighing up to 130 kg.

The gyro scooter can accelerate to a speed of 25 km / h, and this speed seems simply enormous for a rider.

One battery charge is enough for 2-3 hours of riding, depending on the surface and load. This is enough for several walks. In the first stages, riding for more than one hour is physically demanding, as you must constantly balance.

The ride on the scooter is soft and smooth. There is a feeling of floating above the ground. You can easily overcome small pebbles and twigs on the roads. You can drive on a gravel road, but then it can overheat, and the battery will drain faster. Those who plan to ride off-road often should buy a hoverboard with larger wheels.

Additional features.


Often Segway mini connects via Bluetooth to a mobile application. You can turn on music from your phone through the speaker built into the hoverboard. The application shows the speed, and you can also limit the maximum speed. This is useful if children learn to ride a hoverboard.

Also, many hoverboards are equipped with bright illumination, which, in addition to beauty, is an essential element of road safety at night and in the evening.

How to learn to ride a hoverboard

Learning to ride a scooter is easy. Learning to ride is almost impossible when you get up for the first time on a Segway. But in fact, training takes from 2 minutes to half an hour. Children are rapid to master control. Getting on the hoverboard with an assistant for the first time is better. The assistant should hold the hoverboard with one foot, step in the middle, and simultaneously offer a hand to the student. Further, the student learns to keep a balance and tries to move forward on a hoverboard with an assistant. After mastering the stage of moving forward and stopping, you can start turning.

At first, you need to get off the hoverboard with an assistant since this stage is often accompanied by a fall.

To get off the hoverboard, you must stop, stand up straight, and then take a step back. In the future, it will be dangerous.

“Mini Segway” hoverboard for children

Mini-Segway ( Segway) is a hoverboard that is designed for children. It differs from an adult hoverboard in that it is smaller, lighter (weighing about 5-7 kg), has a limited speed (up to 5-7 km / h), and, therefore, is safer.

If a child weighs less than 30 kg, an adult gero-scooter will not suit him since the device will not feel the child. Instead of moving, the hoverboard will vibrate, wobble, or move intermittently.

The benefits of a hoverboard

In addition to the hoverboard being a convenient mode of transport, it is a good simulator.

The gyro scooter develops the child physically and improves coordination and the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. The Hoverboards also helpful for preventing posture curvature since, to maintain balance on a Segway, a person is forced to keep his back straight. At the same time, the muscles responsible for body balance and posture are trained.

Of course, this fashionable and popular transport will make your child break away from computer games and the Internet and spend more time outdoors.

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