Advantages and disadvantages of buying a small electric cooker

Do you want to invest in a small electric smoker? It is best to learn the advantages and limitations of a Best small electric smoker to know what you will get. Most manufacturers will advertise their products and tell you about the positive side of their product and ignore its weaknesses. When you decide to get into any store or online shopping platform, you may end up getting confused since all-electric smokers seem to be the same. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of electric smokers.


Suitable for a variety of foods

If you are thinking of smoking a variety of food, for instance, beef, sausages, and fish, small electric smokers are the best devices to use. In addition, the smokers give an option of converting them to a cold smokers for making cheese and bacon. Lastly, you can adjust the grills of these small electric smokers so that you can put more meat in them.

Environment friendly

Electricity is usually less harmful to the environment than other sources of energy such as wood and charcoal. These additional sources of energy do produce harmful emissions to the environment. 

Compatible with real estate rules

Most residential apartments restrict the use of charcoal. Electric smokers are perfect in this case. In addition, most electric smokers do not use much energy; therefore, the production cost is low. Moreover, they can fit perfectly in any residential unit due to their small size.


It would be best if you had a power outlet

As the name suggests, these smokers need electricity to work. In most cases, they may not be efficient for outdoor events where electricity is unavailable. Even though some manufacturers are trying to develop energy storage batteries, it has proven that the batteries cannot be efficient.

Doesn’t achieve high heat levels

Small electric smokers do not produce much smoke, resulting in lesser heat to smoke your meat. Grilling meat is not usually that efficient when using electric smokers. Charcoal or pellet smokers usually beat the small electric smokers in terms of tobacco quality.

Have a higher maintenance cost

Since electric smokers consist of more parts than traditional smokers, the maintenance cost is high. The repairs may not be that frequent, but whenever they arise, you will have to dig deep into your pockets. Replacement of various parts when they wear out is also costly.


With these small electric smokers, the advantages outdo the disadvantages. This is the most preferred option for smoking. However, the manufacturers should develop ways to eradicate the limitations to ensure that we have efficient electric smokers.

Frequently asked questions

Are small electric smokers better than charcoal smokers?

This depends on the features you want to base your argument . In terms of maintenance and durability, electric smokers are the best. In addition, small electric smokers do not require massive space as charcoal smokers. However, in terms of flavor, you can go for charcoal smokers.