Advantages and benefits of installing acoustic insulation in a home

Our house is the place where, in general, we rest from the stress of our daily routine, we get rid of the hustle and wait to find that peace.


None of this is possible if an acoustic insulation is not installed in the home, because without it we suffer the consequences of traffic, sirens, loads and discharges … Or even the noise made by the neighbors themselves.


To protect the home from these annoyances, it is advisable to install acoustic insulation in the home, widely used in construction and which can turn our house into a sanctuary where peace reigns


In new works it usually comes installed, but it is more difficult to have it in second-hand homes. If you are about to do some kind of reform, this is your chance to consider investing in soundproofing your home. It will be the best money spent in a long time.


To make the reform of the house more effective, we have to isolate all the walls except in the case where the source of the nuisance is very localized, such as a neighbor or a commercial premise. In this case, we can choose to install acoustic insulation only in that room.


In any case, we have to insulate floors, ceilings and walls with specific materials to absorb noise. Consult with an Acoustiblok company expert in reforms to visit the apartment and advise you on the best solution in your case.


Regarding the materials that are proven to achieve soundproofing and totally exclude noise from the outside, they are polyethylene (in different degrees of density) and hydrophobized or textile rock wool, which are bonded with thermosetting resin.


In general, the materials used in minor reforms are absorbent panels, flexible sheets and self-adhesive bands, which make it possible to have the much desired insulation of the house.


What to consider before choosing and installing acoustic insulation in the home?

It is worth remembering that the best acoustic insulation will be the one that manages to gather the following elements:


Very low conductivity and high thermal resistance to make the house stand protected from heat and cold.

Make it an acoustic insulation with fibers to absorb and dampen noise.

Make it of a material that has a good behavior in front of the fire to improve the security of the home.


On the other hand, in addition to the evident absence of annoying noises, the installation of acoustic insulation in the home increases its value, both if at any time we want to sell it or rent it.


In large cities, it is a factor that we can highlight in the announcements, since the ambient noise is usually more annoying than in low-density populations, with fewer rounds or high-speed vehicles. The same will happen in bar, leisure and terrace areas, where noise can be particularly annoying, both during the day and during hours of rest.