Advantage of Integrating Route Optimization SoftwareIn Your Last-Mile Delivery Process

Businesses handling logistics and supply have to keep in mind numerous factors such as driver availability, vehicle availability, weight limits, traffic conditions, dispatch times, and many more as they plan routes. The route should furthermore be planned so precisely that there is a minimal retracing of the same routes. It can be impossible to manually consolidate all these factors and formulate the ideal route. Besides, the details are inclined to changing in real-time, so it is just impossible to keep track of the changes and yet assure that the route is optimized.

The ideal solution to overcome all these challenges and still plan out a route that serves your purposes is by using route optimization software. If you’re as yet thinking that manual planning is better, keep reading the entire post till its conclusion before you decide whether or not you should go for automated route planning.

Route Optimization Software In Brief

Route optimization system optimizes the series of stops your delivery driver should make. Route management software in this way improves your operational efficiency and productivity by working out the most fuel-efficient routes for your delivery drivers while keeping in account all the external variables impacting the journey. The route planning and scheduling software does routes optimization based on your business’s objective and limitations and automates manual route planning.

WhyInstall Route Optimization Software?

There are several advantages of integrating a route optimization system. Those are discussed below.

Earlier, route planners came into existence, dispatchers and field service managers were tasked to plan routes with pen and paper, whiteboards, paper maps, and spreadsheets. They banked on their knowledge and predictive ability. Anyhow, such manual methods are tedious, complicated, and inefficient at the same time. Moreover, even after putting in all the hard work, the routes can never be 100% accurate. That being said, the project gets even more taxing and confused when you need to factor in more stops and constraints. Specific variables, like traffic, weather conditions, time windows, weight, and service times, have to be considered.

The higher number of variables you want to consider, the more number of route combinations you have to assess. It gets simply impossible for even a veteran dispatcher to optimize routes purely on their best hunches.

Advantage of Last Mile Delivery Routing Software

A last-mile delivery routing software has a high-tech route optimization engine to derive the ideal route combinations from millions of options. The human brain cannot match that accuracy. Meaning, a map route planner resolves the vehicle routing issue in a few minutes and deploys machine learning and artificial intelligence to work out the most efficient routes.

The basic principle of the delivery route planner system is simple. It blends in what you know (like, your customers and their product requirements and delivery windows) with what is knowable (like, the location of low bridges, average road speeds at varied times of the day, weather conditions, and sunrise and sunset times). The route planner software then figures out the shortest and fastest routes with accurate last mile driving directions. All this happens in 30 seconds!

Sum Up

Such advancements help improve your field service efficiency, which transforms into happier customers and revenues growth.