Advancement of technologies for catering the data-driven research

Disruptive technologies are accelerating innovation in a variety of industries. For example, artificial intelligence can aid in market research. In addition to standard online interviews, artificial intelligence can be used to determine facial recognition, language processing, and biometric measurement to describe respondents’ moods and thus improve data quality. Cloud computing enables faster innovation and more flexible resource allocation. It contributes to lower operating costs and more efficient infrastructure operation. A company gains the ability to scale elastically as a result of these disruptive technologies. It also contributes to data security and protection.

The pandemic, like any other industry, has to be one of the most difficult phases for us. In our experience, the response rates of healthcare professionals are somewhat influenced by increased physician engagement with patient overload. It would be difficult for any service-based profession to struggle in these difficult times. All businesses are struggling in India, which is one of the worst-affected countries by COVID-19. We have a well-established virtual platform and panel for easy recruitment and engagement with physicians and other respondents in our case. As a result, we can easily communicate remotely with all of our impaneled partners, allowing us to avoid being severely impacted by the pandemic.

Dr. Upendra Nagaich has been leading the development of the company’s short-and long-term goals and strategies since its inception. He has been constantly curating and implementing the organization’s visions and missions. He is constantly on the lookout for competitive market space and expansion opportunities. He has been setting goals that are measurable and achievable in real-time. The company has been providing consulting, strategy, and operations services, as well as setting the standard for other companies in the industry. Quality service delivery contributes to the magnificence of India’s market research industry and sets it up for future growth. SPER’s extensive range of services meets all of our clients’ needs.

SPER Market Research is proud to have been recognized as a leader in this industry for our brand value and reputation, and to have been named one of India’s ten most influential market research firms in 2021 by the influential magazine Insights Success, Ireland. Our clients frequently recognize our leadership and high-quality service delivery. Our partnered clients and agencies have graciously provided us with feedback that has assisted us in improving the customer experience. Our clients have praised us for our accuracy, quality execution, trust, and timely delivery of results. Their feedback has boosted our morale to continue pushing the boundaries, honing our skills, and providing overall customer satisfaction.

SPER Market Research is a leading market research, consulting, and business intelligence company in India with clientele from all over the world. The company was founded with the principle focus on values of nobility, collaborative teamwork, and innovation. The company assists the clientele with research services including clinician profiling, data gathering, analysis of key opinion leaders and consumers, market sizing, entry & forecasting, brand positioning, pricing research, and user testing. SPER envisions to emanate as a well-established scientific and technical organization with global recognition.

The company has impaneled more than 1.1 million consumers and healthcare professionals for participation in various research studies across the globe. For moderation of interviews, we have about 100 moderators with high proficiency in regional languages who strictly abide by guidelines of MRSI and the International code of ethics for market research. We conduct more than 1 lac interviews annually adhering to the project deadlines set by our clients.


Dr. Upendra Nagaich

M.Pharm., Ph.D., FSPER

Founder & CEO

SPER Market Research

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