ADUs: Reasons You Should Build ADU

Accessory Dwelling Unit in short ADU is an old useful idea. ADU is a single-unit small house that is built on the existing house premise or over an old garage or over an old unused portion of the house. ADU adds extra space for storing accessories, but in general ADU’s are being for many purposes. Even before selling an asset people build ADU to increase the price of the asset.

How much cost is associated with Building ADU?

The cost of building an ADU depends upon many factors. For example, building ADU over an existing garage might cost lower whereas building an ADU from scratch could be higher. In general, building an ADU or transforming an existing structure to ADU can cost between $30000 to $100000.

Why People Builds ADU?

There are various purposes of planning and building an ADU. The purpose varies from family to family, from person to person. In this write-up, we will focus on the major reasons for building ADU.

Extra Earning While Paying the Mortgage

Did you buy a house using a bank loan? If you did that, every month or every quarter you have to pay back the installment which could be sometimes very difficult because of the added interest. In some cases, people also want to settle the loan by paying an extra amount during every pay schedule.

Paying upfront is a good idea and to do that you need to have an income source. If you build an ADU, you can rent that space to students or single families which can earn some extra bucks, which will help you earn extra money to pay back the loan.

To Increase the Property Value

Thinking of selling your property and not getting enough offers as your house is small or old. In that case, building an ADU can help you to increase the price of the property. Having an ADU could be a good selling point as buyers will feel that they can earn an extra amount by renting the ADU.

Moreover, having a newly built ADU adds a lot of value to the home and attracts prospective customers to buy the property at a higher value.

Housing Need

ADU can be used for housing the extra member and even it can be used as a guest room. For example, you may need an extra house for your grown-up baby or older members of your family. In that case, having an ADU helps in shifting them to a separate location.

Moreover, sometimes couples want to have privacy. ADU helps in maintaining privacy by allocating the other members to the ADU.

Storing Needs or Having a Separate Zone

Although not common, people build ADU to maintain the storage needs and to separate some zones from the overwhelmed house zone. For example, you love to read books and you have a mini-library. You can shift your library to the ADU as it is separated from the chaos of the house and will provide a calm environment.

ADU is a really useful idea for many reasons and because of its wide range of applications people building an ADU is becoming a popular trend than before.