Adrian Jauregui Drops His New Introspectively Lyrical Melodic Hit Single “You and Me”

Day by day, step by step, an epic existence gets handcrafted and this is the fashioned version of one of the most technically gifted artists of our generation; Adrian Jauregui originally from Los Angeles, California and now making waves out of Oakland is sited in the horizon sporting his stylish acumen and making hit music that has been lacking from the mainstream scene. Have you listened to his popular releases such as; “Eli’s song”, “Boom” and “Crossfire remix” – if not you might not even begin to fathom the scale of his versatility in producing genre-defying music that has been calibrated with maximum creativity, premium vitality and unmatchable performance and delivery to top it all.

“You and Me” is a lyrical onslaught with its emotionally vulnerable lyrics imbued with heartbreaking contrite. At the end of your listening experience, you will be left at a conundrum whether to really give up on love or give it a chance hoping for a more favorable outcome. This is an all-authentic track that he put his heart into its performance. His virtuosic vocals are nothing like you have heard before, so rich, flavorful, and pure washing over the vibeful R&B and Hip hop instrumentations making the time stop as he offers lyrics that touch on heartbreak and fragmented feelings.


A chorus that pops and is unique to catch the listener’s ear, “Let’s talk about us, let’s talk about trust, let’s talk about you and me, baby you and me” is repeated to a marvelous emphasis of emotional honesty dares to drive a listener to the edge of emotional turmoil. The deep and hard-hitting synthesized beats, the background melodic riffs, and the complementary drums offer a variant atmosphere backed in intoxicating fashion by Adrian’s sublime and silky vocals that are brimming with personality and passion.

This is a certified track that you simply can’t help but be pulled in by with the tremendous amount of emotions and flair on display as each and every lyric resonating in true fashion with the listener. We have all been caught up in that situation where we thought that we were in love, that there was nothing above, where we felt like giving up and held on a little longer. Feel me? This is why this is your song with its accomplished level of detail and the virtuosic instrumental work clear to see or hear and its heartfelt lyrics on love, joy, hurt and emotional honesty make for a fascinating listening experience. This is a song for everybody who has had to undergo the railings of love or what they thought was love. Check out this song that is available on all major streaming platforms, save it and share it while also taking a tour on his other eclectic repertoire of productions that are brimming with prodigious quality.

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