Adorning your interiors with tree trunks-blending the sylvan with the urban

Wood happens to be the perfect material to create warmth, elegance, coziness, and equilibrium to your interior design, be it classical or modern. You have been using it as the main base material for your furniture design for ages.

Even though the modern age encourages and nestles acrylic, plastic and other synthetic stuff, you always tend to go back to your instincts and roots.

  • In an era, when people are cutting down rain forests for conglomerates, wood becomes more priceless than ever. So, instead of wasting wood pieces already cut, reusing, recycled, or reviving them can be a wise thing.
  • This Green approach creates tree trunk as the perfect raw material for your home décor.
  • It serves multiple objections, from wall art items using log slices to beautiful, natural-looking side tables, coffee tables, delicate and slender candle holders or just appealing planters in fresh greenery.
  • You can cut up tree trunk slices and use as a rustic base for your opulent dinner table spread or as glass coasters.
  • You can use Scandinavian colors like mint green, charcoal grey and stark white to bedeck the tree trunks. it creates a vibrant and fresh appeal to your interior décor.
  • You can use three trunk parts in different manners, with a glass top, on wheels, and a truck with sculpted wooden beams or legs.
  • You can stack logs and trucks to build a geometric coffee table.

Redefining your interiors

Vintage trunks and wood slices are exquisite pieces serving as useful storage utilities and decorate accents. You can include them anywhere in your décor if you know the right way of integrating them in your room.

  • The idea is to make your tree trunk a good focal point.
  • In your bedroom, you can place a trunk at the bed’s end, where it’d serve as a fantastic place to store pillows, blankets and other similar objects.
  • In this case, the trunk complements the headboard. It also imbibes the same color scheme as the rest of the room décor.
  • You can also use a vintage trunk as coffee table in your living room. It serves as exquisite and useful accent piece.
  • Since it’s situated right in the middle of the room, it also becomes a cynosure.
  • You can place the same coffee table outdoors, if you have a good space there.
  • Keep your important furniture underneath and it wrap it with good outdoor furniture covers.
  • You can put the vintage trunk-made coffee table in the center of your room. It nicely complements the rug and sofa.
  • It draws the chairs and sofa closer, forming an inviting and cozy lounge space. It can be a stylish corner for relaxation.

More uses

Thanks to the tree trunk shape, they are perfect for making great wooden stools.

  • Although you can keep them in their natural state, you can also paint them white to generate a Nordic touch.
  • Make some beautiful patterned or colored cushions and put them on the wooden stool.

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