Acumen EHR Core Features

Acumen EHR Software is a cloud-based medical software solution designed to serve nephrology practices of all sizes. This ONC 2015 licensed electronic health record has been around for a while. It helps the real-time sharing of HIPAA-compliant charts, clinical reviews, and patient statistics across the care group. The patient portal characteristic makes it easier for customers to control appointments and medical facts, such as allergies, lab consequences, medications, vital signs and symptoms, and more.

This platform is objective at simplifying the everyday duties of a healthcare practice. It efficiently facilitates the sharing of at ease messages between patients and nephrologists. Not the simplest, however, nephrology specialists also can combine with hospitals, dialysis devices, labs, and exercise management systems to leverage additional functionalities. In this article, various Acumen EHR Software functions that assist make matters easier for users are discussed.

If there is a need to realise how the Acumen EMR capabilities can assist in a healthcare facility in particular.

7 Acumen EHR Features

1.   Appointment Scheduling

One of the most raved-about Acumen EMR capabilities is the appointment scheduling function. Managing appointments is a massive difficulty for most healthcare practices. This characteristic permits its users to make as many appointments in an afternoon as possible, which means maximising efficiency and revenue for a facility. With this EHR solution, quickly maximize efficiency in scheduling appointments throughout a workday.

The appointment control feature also works to reduce the number of no-shows at practice. It achieves this gain by sending reminders to patients concerning their appointments, and if a person occurs to cancel at the last minute, this clever system replaces their slot with a new one right away.

2.   Patient Portal

The subsequent Acumen EHR function that we want to speak about is the patient portal characteristic. Users who test Acumen EHR Demo locate this selection fantastically helpful because it allows their patients to go surf and actively participate in their care process.

This allows them to log on to a portal and use it to schedule their appointments, request prescription refills, get access to lab results, keep in tune of upcoming visits, speak with their vendors thru a safe portal, and a lot more. Medical specialists also can loosen up considering that they do not have to attend to these administrative responsibilities and rather let patients do it themselves.

3.   Audit Protection

This feature enables nephrologists to boost their compensation fee while also retaining the best degree of compliance. It successfully identifies areas of risk for the facility and recommends corrective solutions with furnished schooling and support. Also acquire thorough feedback for billing, coding, and reimbursements approach from the seller’s licensed coding workers for the whole team on the facility. In addition to this, spot legal risks that a hospital is probably facing and get comprehensive education for documentation strategies.

4.   Seamless Communication

Another most important problem loads of corporations, consisting of healthcare offices, have is communication. With this EHR solution, equip the team onboard with online accounts on the device, which allows seamless communique across the organisation. This feature enables and ensures seamless communique so the whole working team at the practice can be at the identical web page. It additionally permits to put in force adjustments and coordinate matters better throughout the board.

5.   Billing

The strong billing feature in Acumen EHR works to reduce denial fees drastically. It makes coping with billing RCM tasks easier than ever. This feature cuts down the range of billing mistakes, making the procedure pain-free for both physicians and their patients. On top of this, it helps to deliver reminders to patients who’ve brilliant payments and can also notify them about unpaid bills. This guarantees quicker reimbursements by using support to recollect what payments are pending if physicians want to acquire.

6.   Clinical Information

Having to get access to a patient’s medical records is vital in terms of treating a patient because, without their records, one would not be capable of making the proper analysis. According to Acumen EHR Reviews, the solution comes with fantastic patient charts, which update approximately the patient’s history as wanted. This facilitates in supplying a better exception of care because the specified information about their health and can make an informed choice approximately with their analysis, in addition, to come up with a suitable treatment plan.

7.   Dashboard

The principle spotlight of Acumen EMR is surely the dashboard function. It is designed to provide a smooth personal interface and find out what appeals to users. This intuitive characteristic makes it safe for customers to exchange one-of-a-kind capabilities.

To maximise exercise efficiency using spent little time navigating via the software program. The dashboard characteristic makes this platform so easy to use that the mastering curve for that is nearly non-existent, which is something enormously liked by the way of its customers.

Acumen EHR 2.0

Acumen EHR Physician Solutions can be handing over the next era of EHR and practice management software programs to nephrology practices. Acumen 2.0 powered with Epic is the first-in-class solution for big practices now and within the future. This exciting product update is the one to have now. Nevertheless, anticipate the identical degree of private support and customer support throughout this improvement and beyond. Best-in-class EHR/control software for nephrology exercise.

Call one of our representatives today to learn more about Acumen 2.0. It is a great-in-magnificence EHR and exercises management device for nephrology places of work. Acumen’s cutting-edge products will assist practice to streamline EHR, optimize patient outcomes, and maximize financial overall performance. Acumen turned to creating and offering an intuitive software gear for Nephrologists to resource them in their exercise of Nephrology.

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Why must you invest in Acumen EHR?

The choice of whether or not to put money into this software program or not is for users to make. It could be advocated to place in the proper quantity of studies and leg-work to determine if the gadget caters to an exercise’s necessities. The first issue that must be resolved is to evaluate Acumen EHR against business enterprise’s necessities.

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