Actor Jorge Garcia Net Worth And His Other Accomplishments

If you haven’t heard of actor Jorge Garcia yet, I’m sure you’ll become familiar with him in the near future. A leading actor in the popular soap opera “Empire,” Garcia is known for his role as the evil and conniving Ricardo Montalcino. From the day of his audition for the role, Garcia has made it clear that he will go through the experience with confidence. If you like what you see, then I would highly recommend you check out this article about actor Jorge Garcia Net Worth and his other accomplishments.

To start with, it was a real challenge for Jorge Garcia to try to play a character he had no experience with. But, as he said, “the beauty of it was the fear”. He had to learn the intricacies of this role on the spot. As a result, he developed some character traits that have stuck with him over the years. He even went as far as to name one character in particular as a character that he has always admired.

After “Empire” was over, it was only a matter of time before a part came available for Garcia in a high-budget action film. And he was in line to get the role of the villain in the upcoming “Fury”. In fact, the role will be one of the first parts of his career in which he gets to play a villain.

As for his other career accomplishments, there are quite a few. He has appeared in a number of movies, including “Titanic”The Secret.” He has also been in numerous plays, including “The Crucible”The Graduate.” He has also made guest appearances on shows like “Law and Order: SVU”NCIS.” And, of course, he has been one of the stars on the soap opera “Empire.”

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