5 Kid-Friendly Beach Activities Just in Time for Summer

It’s almost summertime, so you might be planning a trip to the beach with the little ones. Planning a vacation to the beach with your kids may require more preparation, so knowing the different kinds of activities your kids can do at the beach will save you more time. Here are some activities that will your kids will enjoy this summer and ensure a fun-filled day and a memorable vacation for your kids at beach resorts. 


Building Sandcastles


Building sandcastles are a common, fun activity for kids to do during the summer. All you need is water, sand, and some sandcastle toys. What better place to play with sand and water than at the beach. Drop by a toy shop near you to purchase a sandcastle kit and you’re good to go! You can even use tools that you can find in your own home like garden trowels, buckets, and spoons. Not only is this activity enjoyable, it also helps kids express their imagination, develop their creativity, enhance their senses and motor skills. 




Kids are usually more active, so playing sports at the beach with beautiful scenery and fresh air would be a good option for them. There are plenty of sports kids can play at the beach like frisbee, volleyball, and badminton. You can even bring an inflatable beach ball for the younger ones to toss around. Remember that running at the beach requires more effort than running on pavement. This is a good way for your kids to build strength, stabilizes muscles and improve coordination. 




Exposing your children to the ocean at an early age can prevent them from growing up fearing it. If your kids don’t know how to swim yet, a trip to the beach would be a great time to teach them. If you want to take a dip in the pool, bringing inflatables along for your kids to enjoy swimming along with you. It is also important to have the knowledge and educate your kids about swimming safety to prevent injuries and accidents.




Give your kids a memorable experience and teach them to appreciate the depths of the ocean by snorkeling. You can even maximize this experience by teaching kids about respecting underwater life. Traveling to beaches with the best snorkeling experience like Batangas gives you and your kids the opportunity to observe different species of fish and corals underwater. This will surely make their summer worthwhile.


Boat Rides


It’s not every day you get to ride a boat and feel the breeze during your daily city commute. Boat rides allow you and your kids to enjoy the open waters and see more than just the beach. Arrange an island-hopping adventure to explore the different islands near your beach and make the most with your time away with family.


Key Takeaway


Little ones may not understand the concept of taking the time off from the city life just yet. Bringing your kids along to the beach may require more planning, but seeing their happy faces as they do these activities at the best beach resort near Manila makes it all worth the while.