Actionable Tips for Selling Your First House

When you get to the point when you are thinking about selling your first home it is important to be prepared. Whatever your reasons are for selling, it will be an emotional experience. Therefore, you must know some vital prep work that will help your sale be a success.

DIY or Use a Professional

At the top of your to-do list, you must choose whether selling your first home will be a “sale by owner” or not. The internet has allowed as many as 10% of homeowners to become their own agents. Cash Offer Kentucky, a home buyer based in Louisville, has bought houses from sellers that have used both strategies. However, selling a house without a realtor has started to become more common in certain markets from what they have experienced.

The NAR reports that nearly 77% of DIY homes were sold quickly at around two weeks or less. As a first-time homeowner, there are many regulations and insider selling tips that you are unaware of.

Therefore, securing the professional help of a realtor is also okay. But, if you have the time it takes to show your home, take calls or emails from prospective buyers, then perhaps you can be a DIY first-time seller.

Pre-listing Inspection

Yes, buyers interested in your home will likely require an inspection. However, did you know that it is a good idea for selling your home for the first time to perform a pre-listing inspection? An inspection report gives you a heads up on anything that a prospective buyer would want you to repair in their inspection report.

After all, with your inspection report, you can fix things fast in anticipation of the buyer. Whatever your inspection report notes, your fixer-uppers can add value to the sale of your first home.


Nearly 67% of real estate agents understand the importance of staging a home. To make the most profit from the sale of your first home, you want to show it off in the best light. Potential buyers walk into a staged home and they want to see how they feel about it especially based on how it looks.

Staging homes attract deeper pockets in the sale of your home. It may have been the reason why you purchased this first home you are now selling. Yes, you can perform some staging yourself to save money. However, if your house is larger, it may be best to hire this process out.

Curb Appeal

Potential buyers will see the outside of your home before they enter. Therefore, stage your outdoor appearance also. Real estate agents state that giving your first home curb appeal accounts for the marketability of your home, as well as adding more of a dollar value to the sale.

As a first-time homeowner, you know your outdoor environment. You should mow the lawn and wash away the dirt from the house. Trim and shape any bushes or shrubs around the home.

Price Your Home Accurately

Since this is your first time in selling your home, price matters. Decide perhaps with a professional realty input, what you plan to list your home for. What you don’t want to do for your first time is to reduce the selling price while it is on the market. Perform some research in your community and find out the price of homes in your area.

Do not be afraid to price your home higher than you think, especially if you have performed any renovations or home improvements since you have owned it.

Take the emotion out of selling your home. To give you a good financial start in your future endeavors, select the right selling options for your first home. Do your homework and ask for professional help when needed.