Acne-Prone Skin Care Mistakes You Are Probably Making

It happens with almost every individual with acne-prone skin to wake up to unsightly acne. No matter how much effort you put into taking care of your skin, acne somehow finds its way to appear on your face or neck. But have you ever wondered if you might be doing it all wrong? Unfortunately, skincare mistakes are not uncommon – from scrubbing your skin too hard to using the wrong moisturizer – countless possibilities are responsible for acne breakouts. So today, we are bringing your attention to some of the most common acne-prone skincare mistakes that you might be probably making; here they are:

Using harsh products on the skin

What’s the best way to unclog pores? Exfoliation, of course. Exfoliating skin and cleansing it thoroughly minimizes the chances of acne breakouts. But what you may not realize is harsh beauty products are one of the culprits behind damaged skin. So ensure that you use mild exfoliators that remove the layer of dead skin cells and unclog skin pores without irritating your skin. Also, avoid overdoing it as exfoliation leaves skin dry, which eventually triggers the skin’s natural oil production and results in frequent breakouts.

Not wearing sunscreen

Oily skin and sunscreen may not seem a great combination, but it doesn’t mean you must avoid it. Sunscreens are made to minimize the effects of harmful UV rays as much as possible, even when you are not directly exposed to sun rays. But what many individuals don’t realize is sunscreens also reduce the frequency of acne breakouts. Prolonged exposure to sun rays results in dry skin, which results in overproduction of natural skin oil. When the skin becomes greasy, and pores get clogged with oil, your skin experiences frequent breakouts. In addition, ensure you are not over-applying the sunscreen as it may prevent your skin from breathing and cause skin irritation.

Not choosing the proper facial treatment

Irrespective of what skin type you have, going to estheticians for regular facial treatments is a must for better skin health. Instead of randomly choosing a facial treatment, look for the one specifically designed for acne-prone skin. Carbon Laser Peel Facial, for instance, is the best facial treatment for oily skin. Whether you struggle with pimples, irritated skin, skin redness, excess sebum, or dilated pores, this facial laser treatment restores skin balance, regulates oil production, extracts blackheads, and cleanses the skin. Carbon peel is a highly effective and safe laser treatment and can be personalized depending on your skin type and condition.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you reduce the frequency of acne breakouts. We suggest looking for the best facial laser treatment in Montreal and getting in touch with a professional esthetician who will recommend the proper skin treatment according to your skin type.