Achieve Beautiful Skin with Micro-Needling With Proprietary Collagen Induction Technology


Micro-needling with photodynamic therapy (PRP) is one effective treatment for acne scars. It has also proved beneficial in healing other wounds, such as those caused by burns or surgery. PRP injections are a popular procedure for micro-needling with photodynamic therapy. The concept behind micro-needling with PRP for acne scars is to remove damaged skin tissue by introducing a needle through a tiny hole. When a new layer of skin replaces the needle-broken skin, the scars appear lighter and fade. And the best Micro Needling treatment is available at Say Beauty Med Spa you don’t need to worry about the Scars any more Say Beauty Med Spa have your back and they provide services better than one can imagine.

Micro-needling with photodynamic therapy (PRP) involves using fine needles containing proteins that induce a natural healing process. Micro-needling with PRP for acne scars involves rolling thin, diamond-like needles over the affected skin surface to reduce inflammation and promote collagen growth. This technique is sometimes combined with UV light or the direct application of a special cream. Micro-needling with photodynamic therapy has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of acne scars.

There are two primary benefits of micro-needling with PRP for acne scars: it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the firmness of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are often associated with poor facial skin health. The introduction of new collagen into the skin improves facial skin health, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps firm the skin. In addition, collagen often produces significantly improved color and tone.

In micro-needling with PRP for acne scars, the fine needles are inserted into the layers of skin affected by acne. A special micro-needling unit is then used to inject specially prepared collagen into the affected skin layers. The collagen comprises three layers – one collagen (this layer provides the “holding” power), another protein complex, and a third elastin protein. When this collagen is injected into the skin, new collagen fibers are consistently created and woven to form new skin tissue. The scarred area becomes smoother and less noticeable as the skin fills in around the needle-embroidered new collagen.

Micro-needling with PRP for acne scars can also help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkle lines. Deep facial wrinkles are often caused by heredity, aging, and/or an improper skin-firming regimen. Using micro-needling regularly, new collagen fibers are continually introduced into the skin to fill in the deep wrinkles. Eventually, these wrinkles begin to fade, and the face starts to look younger.

Micro-needling with PRP for acne scars is less painful than dermabrasion and other treatments, and there are fewer scars. It takes only a single session before new collagen fibers have developed, and the face begins to look smoother and more evenly pigmented. If you undergo this treatment more than once or twice a year, it is possible to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Many individuals with acne do not develop any fine lines or wrinkles after receiving regular micro-needling with PRP treatments. These results are because collagen production slows significantly after an individual reaches middle age.

Micro-needling with PRP for fine lines and wrinkles eliminates deep wrinkles and helps prevent future fine lines and wrinkles from developing. The added benefit of this treatment is that it stimulates new collagen growth, which helps replace the lost collagen. This rejuvenation therapy also helps remove dead skin cells that have accumulated at the base of the scars and helps to create lines and wrinkles.

Final Word

Micro-needling with collagen induction technology has been proven safe and effective by thousands of practitioners and dermatologists worldwide. Many of these experts agree that the results seen with micro-needling with PRP are nothing short of amazing! Most individuals who undergo micro-needling with PRP are amazed by the overall results and how rejuvenated their skin feels after receiving this kind of treatment. Micro-needling with PRP does not require long courses of treatment, and the recovery time is minimal. If you want a faster start to getting the younger-looking skin you desire, you can combine daily micro-needling with PRP. A topical numbing cream is recommended for individuals with extremely sensitive skin before any micro-needling with PRP technology.