According to Analysts, BFIC may become the Crypto King in the coming years

For centuries, the principles of banking have remained the same. It revolves around the greatest magic trick of all: how to create money. Then the technology genie escaped from the bottle and gave an opportunity to rewrite the economic power grid in the form of Blockchain. This technology made a huge impact. Blockchain is the underlying technology of a decentralized digital currency system like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin introduces a platform on which you can run currency as an application on a network without central points of control. A system is completely decentralized like the internet itself.

Ruling coins VS BFIC

Bitcoin undoubtedly ruled the Crypto market until now. With its blockchain technology, it revolutionized the world. Even the finest ones, however, are lacking in several areas that require improvement.

Similarly, the same goes for the case of Ethereum. It came up with updated versions of blockchain technology. Hence, taking the second-best spot in the digital market. But still, Ethereum is unable to create a stable environment for its user because of the continuous changes in its blockchain.

BFIC however eliminates all these drawbacks and jumps into the market with even better blockchain technology named Bfic Blockchain. This means less charging fee over every transaction. Not only that, but transactions are faster and more secure than the other leading coins. It is true to say that BFIC is the coin that holds the future.

Massive utility-based eco-system

To sustain a robust digital financial market, each digital currency must include enough utility projects to drive demand and use. BFIC is quite valuable because it can be used to purchase products and services on both its own and many other platforms.

The company that launched BFIC has created an eco-system that comprises a number of helpful projects that will help to boost the coin’s utility. The BFIC ecosystem is massive, with 20 megaprojects, and it’s still developing as new projects are set to be added to its roadmap.

Dethroning the King

To keep Bitcoin scarce and to try to maintain its value, the number of Bitcoins that can be mined is capped at 21 million. To date, almost 18.77 million Bitcoin has been mined. But it cannot be yet classified as money.

For something to be considered as money, it has to work in three ways

  1. As a medium of exchange
  2. As a store of value
  3. As a unit of account

Bitcoin is not superior to the solutions that we now have, which are fiat money, for any of the fundamental uses of money that you can think of.

When it comes to BFIC, it has all the main functions covering its ecosystem. Unlike Bitcoin, BFIC has a large mining pool and makes a lot of money from it. As a result, when one states that BFIC has the power to not only fight Bitcoin but also dethrone it from its kingdom, he is stating the truth. BFIC will soon emerge as the most powerful Cryptocurrency that will be fast and easy to trade.

The new King in the Crypto world

Holding the position of no. 1 Cryptocurrency since the beginning, Bitcoin without any doubt owns the crown. Bitcoin’s mission was to create a new financial system. The world’s imagination has been caught by a phenomenon that is beyond the control of governments and banks. But so far, the dream of Bitcoin has not been realized.

Bitcoin has evolved into a highly volatile investment asset rather than a new form of money, creating big winners and losers. Bitcoin remains a digital stepping stone towards an idealistic future for believers. For the septics, the Crypto market is not more than a digital casino, too volatile to be trusted.

In the times when Bitcoin is losing its track of becoming the backbone of the new financial system, a new coin BFIC is all set to take outrun it. This coin is built on a 3rd generation blockchain technology that contains all the positive aspects of the leading coins like Bitcoin, TRON, and Ethereum. With better and more advanced blockchain technology, BFIC has every reason to compete with, if not outperform, Bitcoin and become the new crowing King.