Accessible information of top companies and research sources

Accessible information of top companies and research sources

Everyone in the corporate world, from business administration to managers and from sales executives to specialists need a detailed report, and most importantly up to date information or data about companies and corporations for sales purposes and promotional intentions. Information or leads can be beneficial to double the success rate and growth of the company and your career. The following information will be useful for you:-


To know the company information in and out along with its important market shareholders. This component is useful because the financial health of a company tells us a lot of things. For example-

  • It helps us differentiate and recognize the latent consumers, associates, and the partners of the company.
  • It makes it easier to examine the financing of the company and the set revenue targets.
  • It gives a chance to learn about the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the company
  • Increasing sales by keeping track of different businesses of the client.
  • Gaining essential representatives to start and negotiate several marketing deals. 

To make it easier for you we have researched and selected the top 10 reliable and accessible sources of information:-

  1. Tofler- Tofler is undoubtedly a remarkable website. The unique feature about this website is that it focuses a lot on its customers. An exact, meticulous report with a thorough view of the customers is given. The marketing team is highly talented and experienced to make your experience a satisfying and remarkable one. Apart from all of these, Tofler is India’s best Company Information providing website.


  1. World market intelligence- World market intelligence ranks as one of the most famous and also a leading source of insights and information for about 75,000 plus companies worldwide. However, the added advantage to this is that they also offer SWOT analysis to the top 10,000 companies using this website. Another feature is that it reports the annual and quarterly financials of the company.


  1. Timetric – This website is nothing like your typical market research websites. What makes it so unique, you may ask? Well, the research conducted by the site is not limited. It goes through all sectors like construction, payment, mining, wealth, and infrastructure. It provides you with an updated SWOT and company data analysis. The information provided is very reliable and is everything that you need to know to learn about your rival companies and to connect well with your customers.


  1. SGA executive tracker– SGA executive tracker provides you not only information but also administrative lists verified every three months by telephone. SGA executive tracker gives you maximum information based on components like decision-makers, headquarters locations, ticker symbol, number of people employed, report revenues, and many other details related to the customers’ profiles.


  1. Global data- Global data is yet another excellent website that is dedicated to giving you consistent information related to different departments like consumer goods, technological industries, and healthcare. It delivers you the profile of numerous companies along with relevant data like credit reports, registration of the company, and their financial earnings. In conclusion, this website chiefly focuses on advancing and profiting your company in the near future.


  1. PrivCo- This source specializes in providing you information about the financial health of private companies. It gives information about 900,000 companies across the globe. PrivCo extensively follows up on news reports, filings, and other media. The data is evaluated with tried and tested algorithms. The outcomes are then analyzed and reviewed by some of the best executive analytics


  1. Uniworld Online- This source enables services for two leading MNCs. It also provided deep insights into companies across 200 and more countries. This source is best suited for examining and reporting credible sources.


  1. MarketLine- MarketLine is one of the most competitive sources to help your business expand, secure, and grow. The format of the records is convenient to read.


  1. LexisNexis Academy- This company provides enhanced services for an abundance of issues. This source has the most professional and reliable team to optimize your satisfaction.


  1. ICD research- ICD Research gives you many corporate files of sectors varying from construction to retail and defense. The information provided is 100% authentic.

To summarize-

The sources mentioned above or websites are factual and trustworthy. They will thus give you the boost you need to expand and increase the success rate of your company.


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