Access EP : Best Experienced Environmental Consultants in Victoria

Access EP is a leading provider of environmental consultants Victoria services related to the environment, natural resources, land development, etc. Since its establishment, the firm has made over 1,000+ projects related to the product, construction, or operation of projects or infrastructure, notably in the energy, mineral resource, transport sectors, and municipal level.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises nearly thirty seasoned experts specializing in environmental science, biology, ecology, chemistry, agronomy, forest engineering, geomatics, urban planning, and hydrogeology. We also operate with a network of associates (civil engineers, acousticians, etc.) that are particularly selected to allow our customers a wide range of services.

We stand out for our in-depth understanding of each of our activity sectors, the relevance of our analyses and advisory services, the effectiveness of our solutions, and our team’s proactive approach.

We support our workers to develop their expertise, highlight their skills and develop their talents. Regular training sessions are offered to our staff in the form of mentoring by our trained experts. We also give support in organizations and specific events, membership in professional associations as well as mentoring.  

Our team follows new trends, regulations, and industry requirements, both in terms of the environment and occupational health and safety. At Access EP, our professionals are aware of their responsibility in developing and realizing your project. Trust and regard are at the center of our approach, both with you and your project’s host communities.

In light of environmental laws and regulations, our knowledge, our experience, and our expertise, we strive to understand the environment and the impacts of your project thoroughly. We advise you so that you can make informed decisions according to your objectives. 

Through our services and our communication activities, we aim to provide you with adequate and understandable information and, when required, to popularize the relevant and necessary information to be transmitted to decision-makers and the community.