Academic Writing Problems Faced by Students in the USA

The intricacy of the writing process, especially following a tiresome routine or completing a laborious revision, might lead to learner discontent. Producing a high-quality academic paper necessitates mastery of the art.

The fast-paced nature of higher education has created a major stumbling block in the development and support of academic writing. Citing an increase in the number of pupils, the system has grown from a small group to a throng; financing agencies have clearly failed to keep up with the growing need for resources. In the next years, the government intends to significantly increase the number of students enrolled in higher education.

The educational industry has become considerably more competitive in the modern period. Due to the rising strain of academics, every student must work extremely hard to attain his or her objectives. Students must contend with many academic obstacles at the same time, which appears impossible to manage in our fast-paced, frantic period.

Several reasons contribute to students’ inability to complete their homework effectively. This article will cover some of the key challenges and potential solutions related to students’ schoolwork management.

Common Academic Writing Problems:

All students are concerned that they will not be able to adequately perform their academic duties. The following are some of the most important causes.

Poor Writing Skills:

Writing isn’t a sport. It is a skill that is not shared by everyone on the planet. Accepting that pupils do not have strong writing abilities is totally acceptable. They must have other skills, then. However, essays must be written at some point. Even if all of the criteria are checked, poor writing abilities detract from the essay’s quality. Even though many students in the United States would prefer a free writing lesson, no one is enrolling.


  • Research more about writing
  • Set format

Organizing Time:

“Everything in life revolves around the clock”

Time management is a difficult endeavor. You must restrain yourself from moving the clock’s needles. In student life, most students lack time management since they generally spend long hours doing beneficial things but have little time to deal with problems when it comes to their educational and familial obligations.

They should appreciate the importance of each minute so that they may devote equal attention to their academics and other important activities while still conserving their free time.

Here are a few quick suggestions to help you manage your time better.


• First and foremost, students must create a schedule for their daily educational and social obligations.

• Try to stick to the timetable; it will help you finish all of your tasks on time.

• Maintaining your mental health and avoiding laziness may both be achieved by sticking to a regular routine.

Comparison with Others:

Every pupil is different in terms of ability. Some pupils are extremely bright, while others struggle to learn. Everyone should go according to their abilities. Comparisons between the two can never be constructive, but they can create pressure and worry. If a kid is struggling in class and having trouble understanding concepts, his or her family should encourage them, hire an assignment writing service company to help them, and help them to learn that slow and steady always wins the race.

People can break out from this comparison trap by following the instructions listed below.


• Set your goals and work according to your time, energy, and potential so you may simply complete your course work.

• Choose an area or topic that you excel in, even if it is the arts, rather than following in the footsteps of others. Your concentration will improve as you study the subject of interest, and you will receive high scores in your assignments.

Lack of Interest:

Students mostly make them engaged in which they feel pleasure. Nowadays, online gaming is the most prominent thing that has diverted the students’ attention from studies to digital devices. No doubt, such activities contribute to their intellectual growth and enhance their communication skills but also keep them away from studies. Parents should take care of the children and help them in focusing on their coursework. Students also should take interest in their studies because the time they are wasting will never come again leaving behind regrets and depression.


  • Avoid excessive use of digital devices.
  • Spend more time with your tutors. It will help you enhance your knowledge and build your interest in your coursework.
  • Spend some time in reading and writing activities.

The Fear of Failing:

Poor grades are a source of anxiety for many students since they have a detrimental influence on academic achievement. It’s very understandable. Even good and hardworking students, however, do not always receive good scores. Professors may grade papers with a C or even a D owing to a variety of circumstances. It is not, however, a reason to quit up because each new work allows you to improve your writing abilities. You may enhance your writing skills by online application for a student to each time your teacher gives you unfavorable criticism. There’s always space for improvement.


  • Always try atleast once
  • Failure will help you to improve for next.


As a result, there are several obstacles that students must overcome in order to display their victorious colors on educational grounds. This modern era’s schoolwork is hard, requiring a bright intellect and knowledge that not every student possesses