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Do Mentally Stable Individuals Become Terrorists?

It has been a widely accepted belief that terrorists are mentally unstable individuals. Most people claim that terrorism and other acts of violence stem from mental illnesses. However, studies show that mental stability and health has no direct link with terrorism.

Research shows that people with mental illness have no violent tendencies more than anyone else. In reality, people who have mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence and abuse from other people. A study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Amsterdam revealed that psychopathology has no direct link to radicalization and terrorism. The study also enumerated several risk factors that are more evident in terrorist groups, which include uncertainty, feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, personal victimhood, and grievances. If these risk factors interact with mental illnesses can form a connection to terrorism, but further studies should be made to support this claim.

Another research conducted by the Combating Terrorism Center stated that it is premature to conclude what role mental health problems play in Islamic State terrorism. Since this area of study presents a difficulty in the gathering of data and evidence, the available open-source information is clouded by poor reporting practices. This means that they treat all mental illnesses equally, which they should have done on a case to case basis. It also claims that since the most of the terrorists are subjected to a prior form of violence, mental illnesses may be developed as a result of the involvement rather than the cause.

Further studies should be conducted based on the sensitivity on this topic, and hasty generalizations should be avoided as clear conclusions cannot yet be formulated. As of now, there is no direct relation between mental stability and terrorism.

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