Abu Dhabi Indian School Admission Process : A Guide

With so many schools offering high-quality education and amazing facilities, it can be difficult to choose the best  school in Abu Dhabi for your child.

However, with a little more effort on research and tips and recommendations that can be sorted. The real task comes when you have to get to admission; but don’t worry, we have covered that too for your convenience. So let’s get started.

In case you are confused about which school to choose? You can visit the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK’s Irtiqaa rating) that can guide you. ADEK assess the performance of schools in Abu Dhabi every 2 years and rate them accordingly.

ADEK has a directory listing of all government, private, special needs, and daycare schools in Abu Dhabi.

Irtiqaa Ratings

  • Outstanding (substantially exceeds the expectation)
  • Very Good (exceeds the expectation)
  • Good (meets the expectation; this is the expected level of ADEK from every school in the UAE)
  •  Acceptable (meets the minimum level)
  •  Weak (below the expectation)
  •  Very Weak (significantly below the expectation)

The Top 5 Best Indian School in Abu Dhabi

  1. Global Indian International School (GIIS), Abu Dhabi


Board:- CBSE

School Level:-Kindergarten to HighSchool

School fee structure:-https://abudhabi.globalindianschool.org/admissions/fees

Campus Tour:-https://abudhabi.globalindianschool.org/admissions/campus-tour

Address:– Street 12, Plot 17, Behind Lulu Hypermarket, Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Contact:- +971 56 768 7040 / 02 5079555 / 2 507 9555 

Email id:- [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Timing:- 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (Sunday to Thursday) 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (Saturday)

  1. Private International English School (PIES)


Board:- CBSE 

School Level:-Kindergarten to Grade 12

School fee structure:-https://bhavansabudhabi.com/info-center/fee-structure/

Address:– Mussafah, Sector 9, Shabiya, Post Box No: 39972 Abu Dhabi – UAE

Contact:- +971 25591777/ 567033925

Fax:- +971 25592552

Email Id:- [email protected]

  1. Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS)

Website:- https://adisuae.com/

Board:- CBSE

School Level:-Nursery to Grade 12

School fee structure:-https://adisuae.com/fee-structure/

Address:– Abu Dhabi Indian School, P.O. Box 46492, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Contact:-+971 (2) 4488025

Fax:– +971 (2) 4489002

Email id:- [email protected]

  1. GEMS United Indian School 


Board:- CBSE

School Level:-KG to Grade 12

School fee structure:-


Campus Tour:-


Address:– 42nd St., Baniyas West Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Contact:- (+971) 02 2059777

Email id:- [email protected]

  1. International Indian School (IIS)


Board:- CBSE

School Level:-KG to Grade 9

School fee structure:-https://www.iischoolabudhabi.com/tuition-fee/

Campus Tour:-https://360.iischoolabudhabi.com/

Address:– Baniyas West, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact:-+971 2 5854499

Email id:- [email protected]


A school should have a holistic approach, adapting to newer ways that help students get more than bookish knowledge and focus on the overall development of a child.

While choosing an Abu Dhabi Indian School apart from academics and facilities; parents should consider the child’s ambitions or what they want their child to focus on; as all these things should match with the school curriculum.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Admission Process 

The admission procedure at some schools can give you a lot of stress, so here we bring the admission process of GIIS which is super simple and can be carried out at ease.

Here is the step by step guide:-

  1. Contact

Visit the website and fill up the Enquire Now Screen with the required details. Their proficient team will get in touch with you to help you with the best information on the admission process.

  1. Visit Campus 

A campus tour is the best way to get overall information about the school. You can book a campus tour either in-person or virtual tour from the comfort of your home by filling in the required details. Get a sneak peek of  GIIS Abu Dhabi Campus which has alluring facilities, holistic teaching methodologies, different scholarships, and tech-savvy classrooms and labs. 

  1. Assessments and Virtual Counselling

Assessment is an integral part of the admission process that will help students, parents and counsellor to know the level of knowledge. These assessments are conducted by professional admission counsellors in the form of a written test to gauge the student’s knowledge.

  1. Submit Application Form

You can fill in the application form online or also visit the office in person to procure the form. Make sure to read the details in the form carefully, fill in the required information and submit along with the documents as mentioned.

In case if you have any query you can ask the team and they will guide you for sure.


  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Child’s Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Medical Certificate
  • Transfer certificate (in case you are switching from another school)
  • The academic record of the previous year (in case you are switching from another school)

Parents have to pay an amount in the form of a Registration Fee; which is taken in order to provide admission forms; it doesn’t guarantee an admission seat. 

  1. Payment Of Term 1 Fees

A guaranteed seat is made available once the Admission Fees and the Security Deposit are paid.

At GIIS, children are provided access to high-quality, well-rounded education at a moderate fee.  In case you have some financial difficulties; you can check out various scholarship programs that can provide you little relief but do check the eligibility criteria so that you can prepare your child for the scholarship. 

The GIIS Abu Dhabi Indian school admission process is quite streamlined,so why wait? Check out the school and complete your child’s admission process.