Above Ground Tornado Shelter Designs

In most cases, tornadoes are preceded by skies with a creepy shade of green and funnel-shaped clouds. When they see such, the Midwesterners at tornado alley know what exactly to do – commence twister sightings and break out the binoculars. Should the sirens go off, then it would be best if you sought shelter. 

A storm cellar is a unique bunker constructed to protect individuals from violent weather, particularly tornadoes. For years, underground storm shelters populated the twister country, until recently when the above ground tornado shelter has begun to mark its territories 


This is one of the most popular above-ground tornado shelters, particularly with four or fewer members. It features two welded-in benches on both sides of the cylindrical inside, which is adequate for four people and perhaps a pet or two. 

Only Redhead Anchor Bolts are used to mount the Twister Pod. There are 12 bolts, each withstanding 4,600lbs of pressure. That’s 55,200 pounds of force that keeps the unit securely in place. 

Given that it features a 100% steel material, you will never have to worry about the dunker crumbling, cracking, or leaking. The 3/16 inches thick steel can withstand EF5 tornado winds. 

As the door is triple-locked, a large vent is supplying ample airflow without interfering with the shelter’s structural integrity. What’s more, the shelter’s neutral color blends with any aesthetic. For this reason, you can place it in the garage, carport, or backyard patio. 

Twister Pod Max

Here is a bigger version of the Twister Pod model, designed to accommodate up to six people. It boasts a 5ft diameter, 6ft height, and two welded-in benches to provide adequate room for up to six people. 

Besides, the bunker is bolted to the ground using 16 bolts, each withstanding up to 4,600lbs of pressure. That is 73,600 pounds of force, which keeps the unit securely in place even during the toughest of storms.

This storm shelter features a 100%, 3/16-inch steel material, so you never have to worry about leaking, crumbling, or cracking. Undoubtedly, this bunker can withstand EF5 tornado winds.

Like its sister above-ground shelter, the Twister Pod Max comes with triple-locked doors, a large vent and neutral color that matches almost any aesthetic. 


This storm shelter may be small, but it can withstand the EF5 tornado abuse. It is made of ¼-inch steel with heavy 5.4-pound channel reinforcements. Place it on a concrete pad, whether in the garage, carport, or yard. 

That said, it features an in-swing door and two escape hatches that you can remove from the inside. This makes it almost impossible to get trapped by storm debris. Even better, the locking bench seat enables you to store emergency supplies or valuables you might require during the storm. 

Its ¼-inch steel body is the sturdiest in the industry, ensuring maximum protection in an EF5 tornado. Besides, the Extreme storm shelter comes with a locking bench seat for secure storage of valuables and emergency supplies. 

Plus, it features a bolted vent as an alternative escape route in case the door is blocked. An extra two stainless bolts slide to keep the shelter in place during any storm. 


Measuring 4ft by 4ft, this storm shelter can be fitted in a closet, basement, bedroom, or garage. This makes it perfect for small families (of up to 5 people) with limited space. Even better, it can easily be relocated when the family moves. 

The Panelized storm shelter features a triple-locking, single-lever latching mechanism with keyed handle for enhanced safety and security. Its baked-on powder-coated finish is rust and corrosion resistant, while its carpeting makes installation a little easier. 

Additionally, the 10-gauge panels are light enough to handle but adequately strong to withstand EF5 winds. The outswing door provides maximum interior space. 

With almost 6,000 PSI per anchor, this storm shelter is held down by PSI between 95,000 and 28,000, depending on size. Notably, its propriety fastening system enables you to install the unit from inside, making it possible to install in existing rooms. 

Thanks to the gasket strips along the roof, the shelter can be placed outside. Besides, the bolted vent provides an alternative means of escape in case the door is blocked. 


Tornados are destructive and wipe out everything along their path, including your home. Gone are the days you would install an underground bunker in your backyard. Today, you have a storm shelter constructed, which you can carry with your wherever you go. Your best options are as discussed in this piece.