All You Need To Know About Premier League Sponsors In 2020/21

Do you wish to know the commercial scene at the latest EPL? Who are all the major sponsors? Which team wears what apparel? What type of companies is dominating the tournament? Well, you will get all your answers on this blog. We will give you an overview of the main sponsors of the English Premier League this season.

Kit Sponsors

Do you know that Adidas, Puma, and Nike have sponsored almost 75 percent of the teams? Yes, these big sports brands are the major kit sponsors. Some of the other companies sponsoring kits in the 2020-21 session include Umbro, Hummel, Kappa, and Under Armour.

So, we have been seeing these seven different clothing brands in the fields this season. Last time, eight brands sponsored this prestigious tournament. While in 2018-19, there were six brands.

Adidas is all over the fields this season. You look around, and there is Adidas merchandise with the teams. After all, it is the official kit sponsor of seven teams. You will spot big teams like Leicester City, Sheffield United, and Manchester United wearing Adidas shoes on the field. Puma and Nike are not far behind. They have sponsored four teams each. Nike has achieved a big feat by bringing the defending champions, Liverpool into their camp. It is indeed an achievement for the brand. Apart from this, it is sponsoring the teams of Brighton, Tottenham, and Chelsea. Puma had struck a three-year deal with Manchester City in 2019.

However, it is bad news for Umbro. The number of their partners has become halved. Previously, four teams used to wear the English brand. Bournemouth and Everton have discontinued wearing Umbro. This season they are sponsoring only Burnley and Westham.

Armour and Kappa sponsor one team each. However, Hummel is a new entrant in the list of Premier League sponsors.

 So we find the list of kit sponsors in 2020-21 is a mix of old and new. While some teams have changed sides, others have maintained their relationship with the previous sponsors.

Shirt Sponsors

Do you know that 40 percent of the Premier League shirt sponsors are from the gambling and betting industry? Among the 20 teams playing the English Premier League, eight of them will carry the name of gambling companies on the front of their shirts. However, no bigger clubs have partnered with gambling companies. These companies seem to have offered a lucrative sum to the smaller clubs. However, companies do not necessarily have gambling companies as their shirt partners. They strike various other kinds of deals with them.

Other shirt sponsors are from the financial services sector. While a few sponsors are also from the transport and telecommunications sector. The teams have partnered with companies across the globe. However, most of them have their headquarters in the UK or some Asian country.

Sleeve Sponsors

Well, now that we have looked at the kit and shirt sponsors, you must be wondering about who the sleeve sponsors. Let us waste no more time and get straight into it.

Sleeve sponsorship is a new concept. It was introduced in 2018. However, all firms do not have sleeve sponsors. Among the twenty clubs playing the EPL, only seventeen of them have a brand name on their sleeves. The latest to join the list was Liverpool by striking a deal with Expedia.

Some teams like Everton are looking for new sponsors since their older deals have ended.

Summing Up

Each season, new companies strike deals with the clubs to sponsor their dress and accessories. It ultimately benefits the tournament by increasing its popularity. Stay updated with all the latest news and information in the world of sports with Sportskhabri.

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