What You Need To Know About Commercial Truck Insurance

Time Business News — Australia relies on commercial trucks more than most other countries due to our need to have a high volume of goods transported across long distances. The continued growth of the trucking industry means it can be a lucrative investment for small business owners. An important aspect of operating a truck is ensuring that you have commercial truck insurance in place. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about commercial truck insurance.

Why is commercial truck insurance important?

An important aspect of owning your own truck Is protecting your investment. If something happens to your truck, you’re jeopardising the livelihood of your business and insurance is an essential component of addressing your risk exposures. Not only are you at risk of vehicle accidents due to the amount of time you spend on the road, there’s also the risk of you causing damage to other vehicles or third party property. In many cases, commercial truck insurance is compulsory.

What insurance cover do commercial truck drivers need?

Your commercial truck insurance package will depend on the type of cover you need. Some of the policies that may be included in your truck insurance package include:

Heavy truck insurance – covers loss or damage to your truck, along with third party property damage.

Downtime insurance – provides cover while your truck is off the road following an insured event.

Public liability insurance – financial protection if you cause damage or injury due to your actions at work.

Goods in transit insurance – covers loss or damage to the goods you’re transporting.

Personal disability insurance – provides you with cover if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.

Speak to your broker for more information about which policies would best suit your needs. Check out California truck insurance company

Where can you find the best truck insurance?

When choosing commercial truck insurance, it’s important that you choose cover which is both cost effective and that offers the right level of protection. Look into the reputation of a potential truck insurance company by taking a look at online reviews and testimonials. Consider their experience with commercial truck insurance and their level of experience in the area. Also, it’s important to find a truck insurance package which offers flexibility so you’re not paying for policies that you don’t need.

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