About Adalimumab And How It Works

Most professions allow for occasional errors. Some jobs, however, cannot afford even one mistake. Consider the role of an air traffic controller. At times, your immune system may even be wrong. The immune system begins attacking healthy tissues when it perceives a threat to the body. And that’s the way it is with arthritis. Where, then, does Adalimumab fit in?

How Does It Work

It’s the generic form of Humira, a highly effective drug for treating rheumatoid arthritis. This remedy is well-known for improving patients’ quality of life in areas where arthritis has a negative impact. So, how exactly does Adalimumab function? It prevents the immune system’s TNF (tumor necrosis factor) protein from working, which is responsible for joint inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis has a high propensity to attack the fingers and toes first, so it’s fortunate that this treatment can help protect them.

By delving into the mechanism of action of Adalimumab, we can see that it inhibits the inflammatory response that contributes to a variety of undesirable health states. Among these are:

  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Uveitis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis

The condition of rheumatoid arthritis is the main target of Humira’s therapeutic application. It goes without saying that finger dexterity is crucial in many occupations, especially those requiring regular writing. Though, it would be much more detrimental for someone in the trades which rely on their hands in various ways. You and I are probably on the same page when we say that we wouldn’t want to be using a hammer on a nail that wasn’t securely fastened.

Sufferers may notice that the condition’s pain and stiffness are at their worst first thing in the morning when they’ve just woken up and haven’t done anything yet. This demonstrates how the issue of growing immobility affects more than just the body and highlights the fact that it is not always a purely physical one. One alternative explanation for Adalimumab’s potential uses is that it can help you regain pain-free mobility and resume your average work or activity level.

It’s Important To Understand the Risks

Some people are born with a higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis than others. However, many people are unaware that this predisposition can go back generations. Arthritis can run in families, and the disease disproportionately affects women. Fewer girls taking up hammering? Finger dexterity will still be necessary for many female-dominated professions, though.

The inevitable progression of time also brings with it an increase in the prevalence of health problems. Cigarette smoking is associated with an increased risk of developing this form of arthritis and also affects the efficacy of Adalimumab by decreasing its ability to repress the TNF protein and thus providing less relief from joint pain. There are methods available to help you kick the habit of smoking that doesn’t center on your ability (or inability) to control your impulses.

Take Up Walking

Finally, being at a healthy weight improves the efficacy of Adalimumab in treating rheumatoid arthritis. For many people, this means losing weight. When your toes are already hurting from arthritis, it’s bad enough to carry extra weight, but having extra weight is even worse. The weight acts against pressure due to the presence of gravity. Your fingers will absorb no part of it, but every one of your toes will. The hips and knees are also affected, but less so by rheumatoid arthritis.

Everyone needs to get out and walk regularly and briskly at times. If you’ve never tried doing that while suffering from arthritic toes due to rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll quickly realize how desperately these people need assistance. Good news: drugs like Humira pass muster in such cases.

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