Abhay Aggarwal is all set to launch Colexion- Asia’s First licensed NFT


Abhay Aggarwal, Who is set to launch Asia’s First Licensed NFT around cricket and Bollywood has been clocking 36 hours every day since Colexion is near launch. 

Colexion, a platform of NFT collectibles where World’s biggest cricketers and the best of Bollywood singers sell their NFT’s exclusively. 

The world is often confused about the concept of NFT’s and whether or not it’s is a sustainable business. Lately, we have heard of examples where fans have bought a part of their favourite cricketer and Bollywood celebrities life and we can’t keep calm knowing that fans can actually go so far to own a part of their favourite celebrity. 

Imagine, the bat that got India the glory in the World Cup, if that goes up for sale, fans would do anything to own it. That’s NFT, Non fungible tokens, Only one in the world. 

Colexion is going to be a collection of exclusive priceless NFT’s. 

It is due to launch in mid December, Abhay wants to make this into a big Market for NFTs. Only Time will tell us whether NFTs dominate the world but for now we have High hopes out of Colexion. Abhay and his team have hinted at A Big Indian cricketer who will be empaneled on this platform for his exclusive NFT’s. While we keep guessing Colexion launches in 2 weeks.