AAYOUB EL HARIRIS Who brings great change in Gaming with GRAVTECH COMPANY

The 29-year-old entrepreneur from Morocco has successfully deft his dreams.He built his company and took it to new acme to becoming an SME leader in 2019. This proves Ayoub a man with high goals.
Ayoub EL HARIRI is now looking to expand by growing GravTech Games franchises. His team is working on esports, large-scale multiplayer games, and cutting-edge realism.

He used to work at Reach Robotics as Head of Software and Games and developed his own consumer gaming and educational robots.

Ayoub gave entire credit to the SME Leaders programme and said, “This course has helped me improve as a leader. Mentoring has provided critical advice and support through changing companies and goals. The coaching has helped me identify and overcome weaknesses, both as a leader and as an individual.”

Ayoub looks keen to Spread the culture of robot games for children and all ages to achieve its will.

Once someone said: “Nothing great ever comes easy”. Ayoub is a hard working and extremely talented individual who know how to bring innovation and get this world a better thing to use and make this world a better place to live in.
Ayoub EL HARIRI is contributing hard in the gaming industry to make people more efficient by bringing active gaming virtual reality effects.

With his commitment and firm assurance, Ayoub could take GravTech higher than ever. The organization tries to be one of the main gaming recreation organizations on the planet. Resolved to start to lead the pack, he, alongside his group, is working so hard to accomplish their objectives. The GravTech group is caught up with chipping away at creating and e-distributing.