AAP Shows Confidence In Winning At Least 58 Seats in Gujarat

After sweeping the state assembly elections in Punjab majestically, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has its sights set on the next goal – Gujarat. In fact, it has come up as a major contender to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the state assembly elections coming up in Gujarat in December this year. Going by the words of AAP Gujarat state in-charge, Dr. Sandeep Pathak, the party is hopeful of making a sweep in the state as well. 

AAP can win “58 seats” if the elections happen right away: Dr. Sandeep Pathak 

As per Pathak, going by the internal scientific survey that the party conducted, AAP is going to win at least 58 seats in case the state elections happen today itself. 

Addressing the media after his induction as the Gujarat in-charge of AAP, Pathak said that there is a report by an intelligence agency that says AAP is going to get nearly 55 seats. But the Aam Aadmi Party has its own resources and teams to carry out the surveys scientifically. So, the internal scientific surveys of the party have shown that they are going to get at least 58 seats straightway.  

AAP promises to be the change that Gujarat needs 

Pathak claimed that the people of the state need a change in government. He says that the entire state is aware that Congress will not be able to win against the BJP. Thus, AAP is the only option left. He is hopeful that the people of the state will welcome the change. 

He also added that their agenda is not to defeat a party, but rather to let the people of the state win. The people of Gujarat deserve better employment, infrastructure, health, and education. 

Pathak claimed that in those villages where the Congress dominated, things have now changed. AAP will now turn its sight towards the villages of Gujarat. As the economically weaker population of the city does not believe in the BJP any longer, AAP can have a bright future in the state. 

Pathak on the challenges to be faced by AAP in Gujarat 

Speaking about the challenges that the party will face in Gujarat, Pathak claimed that there are several challenges in the state at present, though the most important thing to remember is that the people of the state need and want change.  

He claimed that several leaders from a lot of different parties are getting in touch with AAP. Everyone in the state wants the change and seeks good hospitals and schools. He pointed out one common point between the two states Punjab and Gujarat. He called both these states progressive, where the people know that they need progress.  

Pathak reminded that AAP had earlier fought the elections in Punjab to win 20 seats, though Gujarat is not going to be the same. Dr. Sandeep Pathak is a former professor of IIT Delhi, and he is held as the chief brain behind the winning election strategies used by AAP in Punjab.