A young successful businessman working hard for coffee lovers around the world


Brandon Ivan Pena is a young entrepreneur. He is chasing his passion and running his own coffee business. He has an amazing interaction with his customers. He runs the 787 coffee where he has a very good time with other human beings, he really loves his work. He has his farmhouse where they grow the coffee and then they roast the coffee beans there and prepare a fresh cup of coffee there for their clients. His work continues to grow. He already has three coffee shops and a farmhouse where they prepare the coffee. He has a very cooperative and hardworking team in Marico and San Juan Puerto Rico. He is also willing to open 7 coffee shops more in NY city and 2 outlets that are under construction. Coffee business and amusing other humans are his passion for which he gave up his own business.

Life history

He is not just a businessman he is also a designer and a motivational speaker. He started his business at a very young age and became very successful. He was born in Juarez, Mexico and for the passion of his work, he moved to NY. He has worked with almost 500 companies.  

Work strategies

Brandon worked on the formula of Emotions + Visuals = Engagement. This formula helped him a lot through his business career. He worked hard to chase his dreams. He also had a multi-dollar company that got so much recognition. He worked in this field for almost 20 years. Due to his work strategies, he motivated a lot of people. He worked a lot in marketing and managing his accounts.


His struggles and hard work not only stop here he is still working a lot to launch new coffee shops to entertain as many people as he can. His passion for coffee is speechless. Due to the coved situations, 2020 has been a very hard year for all of us but he worked hard and brought his best.

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