A world through the lens of Chanell Huecker

We all have a list of favorite bloggers we follow for their fashion, humor, or their intriguing content. Well, if you are looking for someone ‘real’ who can make you feel good with every single post, it’s time you started following ChanellHuecker’s official Instagram and TikTok handle: @by.chanell. She is a super fun instablogger, photographer, traveler, and content creator whose aim is to spread joy through her social media platforms. Hence, Chanell’s posts never make one envious but instead inspire people to adapt to a positive mindset. It is this optimism and love for life that has helped Chanell earn her 50,000+ following in such a short span of time.

Before Chanell re-entered the world of Instagram in 2021, she was known for sharing short films and music video remakes on YouTube since 2006. Most of her content includes creative self-portraits, travel photography, and acting skits. She also launched her photography business summer of 2021. Chanell’s variety in content derives from her passions. For her, visiting new sights and embarking on adventures inspires and makes her soul feel alive. As far as acting skits are concerned, her talent stems from her love for movies and acting. “I am a huge movie buff,” shared Chanell. “So, I began to evolve my video content to recreating some of my favorite comfort movies. Comfort movies feel like a warthog, and I hope my audience can feel it through my content, too.”

Wondering how Chanell has mastered all that she does? Well, it’s all self-taught! She has been busy learning these skills since she was 12 years old and kept experimenting as technology evolved. In times of confusion, she simply turns to YouTube tutorials. With the help of the internet and online applications, Chanell has become a pro at video editing, graphic designing, and voice-overs. Even though the changing technology is not a hurdle for Chanell, the challenges she faces as a content creator are more related to mental health. Hence, she makes it a point to maintain a healthy balance between work and her personal life by creating and honoring her own boundaries. 

Talking about the importance of mental well-being, Chanell said, “Mental health and self-care are immensely important to me, so when I experience days that feel a little bit more taxing, I see it as my body alerting me to slow things down.” Since Chanell believes in leaving a positive mark on the world, she also ensures that the businesses and brands she features serve a purpose. She only represents companies she believes in and has declined many partnerships regardless of the financial benefits being offered. “I am a huge advocate and believer in supporting small businesses and brands I believe in,” she revealed.

This isn’t all! ChanellHuecker has also worked with major brands such as Hulu and EVO Entertainment. Despite her growing success, she hasn’t changed as a person. She is still adamant about spreading joy and kindness with the help of quirky interactions with her followers. “I like to interact with my audience as much as possible to make them feel seen and heard,” she stated. “I create content because they inspire and encourage me. I attribute so much of my success to those who continue to support me.”

As for her future goals, the masterful content creator is focusing on elevating her photography business by booking clients across the world. Then, of course, there is her dream of becoming an actress. “It would be incredibly cool to star in a Netflix series or an original film,” Chanell shared with excitement. “A gal can dream, but I sure dream loudly.”

Though not everyone may be as enthusiastic and positive as ChanellHuecker regarding exploring different aspects of life, you, too, can be a part of the creative industry by being consistent about your passion. According to her, consistency is one of the most important factors for achieving success. When it comes to personal happiness, Chanell feels the most content when she’s surrounded by her family and close friends. “Even though I am adventurous and operate on a tight schedule, I always make time for my family. They’re my ‘why’,” Chanell said on a concluding note.