A World Of Choices: Explore Top Turf Ranges To Order Online From

Ordering turf online has become increasingly popular, providing homeowners with convenience and a wide array of options when looking to transform their outdoor spaces. From creating new lawns or renovating existing ones, purchasing online provides access to various turf ranges with distinct characteristics and benefits for creating beautiful thriving lawns. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top turf ranges to order online from good dealers like Sydney Lawn And Turf Australia as we examine their features, applications, and how they may help create your perfect space outdoors.

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf 

Sir Walter Buffalo turf is an excellent option, known for its lush green color, long life span and minimal upkeep requirements. This variety can easily adapt to different climates, tolerate shade conditions and has excellent drought tolerance; creating dense carpet-like surfaces in family-friendly lawns and high traffic areas that need minimal chemical treatments to stay pest and disease free. Due to this versatility and its adaptability to various environmental conditions, Sir Walter Buffalo turf has quickly become a top pick among homeowners searching for an aesthetically pleasing yet low maintenance lawn solution.

Couch grass 

It is a warm-season variety of turfgrass that thrives in full sun and warmer climates, where wear resistance and rapid recovery are key features. Ideal for sports fields and golf courses with heavy traffic loads, Couch grass forms dense turf with fine leaf blades in an attractive dark green hue, quickly filling in patches effectively as soon as established. While more maintenance may be required than with other varieties, Couch grass’ ability to withstand heavy use while remaining visually attractive under stress make it an attractive option for those searching for resilient lawns.

Zoysia grass 

It’s an elegant warm-season turf variety known for its durability, density, and stunning fine texture. Ideally suited for full sun locations as well as moderate shade conditions. Zoysia’s slow growth rate requires less frequent mowing compared to other warm-season varieties and water needs are lower compared to others in its class. With its ability to recover quickly from wear and tear damage caused by heavy use, this visually appealing lawn choice makes an excellent addition for anyone who values visual aesthetics along with durability.

Fescue grass 

Fescue grass is a cool-season variety renowned for its adaptability and year-round green color, excelling in regions with cooler summers while performing well under partial shade conditions. Fescue is drought resistant, remaining green even during dry periods, making it low maintenance when compared with warm season grass varieties; its fine texture forms dense turfs for an attractive aesthetic, perfect for homeowners in cooler climates looking for low upkeep lawns that remain green throughout the year. It makes an attractive alternative choice as a low water requirement option compared to warm-season varieties; perfect for homeowners in cooler climates wanting low maintenance lawns that maintain its lush green color year round.

Kentucky Bluegrass 

Kentucky Bluegrass is an extremely cold hardy turf variety renowned for its vibrant color, fine texture and superb cold tolerance. It forms dense turfs with deep blue-green hues that create visually pleasing lawns in regions with cooler summers and colder winters, offering good drought tolerance as well as quick recovery after wear-and-tear damage. Kentucky Bluegrass requires regular maintenance including watering and fertilization to remain lush and resilient against wear-and-tear. Ultimately it makes Kentucky Bluegrass an excellent choice when homeowners desire vibrant yet resilient lawns in cooler climates.


When purchasing turf online, you gain access to an abundance of varieties tailored specifically for different climates, soil conditions and aesthetic preferences. From lush Sir Walter Buffalo turf with low maintenance requirements to hardy wear-resistant Couch grass – each has something special in store to meet your lawn goals and make for stunning outdoor spaces. Explore your options carefully with regard to specific needs before ordering your perfect selection so as to transform your lawn into an idyllic garden.