A Wonderful Beverage, Tea

Every people in the world are familiar with tea. The reason behind this popularity is that it makes our body refresh and improves our mental condition instantly. It removes tiredness and boredom in a second. This is why it is the most consumed drink in the world, after water.


Definition and origin of tea
Tea is produced by pouring boiling water with the young leaves and leaf buds of the tea plant, camellia Sinensis. The main ingredient of tea is caffeine which enhances the blood circulation of the brain. It also contains antioxidants, the fighter ingredient of diseases. It originates mainly from southwestern china during a famous dynasty named Shang.


Types of tea
There are different kind of teas which serve a different purpose. Like, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, masala tea, tandoor tea, etc. Green tea, black tea is considered as herbal tea. Black tea, green tea contains polyphenols which are a strong antioxidant that helps to reduce heart disease and many fatal diseases. There is another thing named tea blends. It mixes different teas to produce a final product. Tea blends aim to produce balanced flavor and products. So the varieties of teas help to relax the different parts of the body.


Advantages of tea
there is an intense amount of studies in tea and researchers have found that it may help with heart attack, cancer, and diabetes. Tea has antioxidants that increase lung, bladder, stomach. It helps in the clogging of arteries. It also helps to weight loss, burn fat, and lowering cholesterol. The most important thing is that it brings mental alertness.


Tea is the second most drinkable liquid after water. So the importance of tea is undefined. Tea companies invest a lot of money in producing tea. Specifically, those people who live in hill tracks they plow tea plant. Agro hill’s economic wheel is running for tea. It is cheap and farmers can easily produce.


 is another mentioning factor is that it is legal. In maximum cases, religion doesn’t allow to have that liquid which imbalance mental condition but there are zero barriers in terms of tea. So every country of the world gives access to produce teas. It brings money to the mass people. So the business of tea is profitable and helps to remove unemployment.


 In different cultures, people are enjoying a tea party. They arrange parties for different reasons like a family meeting or business dealings. Tea helps with mental treatment and we can gossip a long time while drinking tea. The tea party is also accessible to everyone and there is no barrier for children and females. They can also enjoy parties and diversified the culture and there is no bad thing about it. Ultimately, tea is an element which decorates culture.


Final Thoughts:
Tea is an important product not only for health but also for business. It is helpful for health and agro-economy also. So it is an appreciating product and different ages of people consume it to keep themselves better.