A woman of property: Meet America’s top realtor Vanessa Chesson

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Based on the statistics collected by the National Association of Realtors, 65 percent of realtors are women. However, amongst the mentioned figure, only 36.7 percent of the commercial real estate workforce consists of women. Vanessa Chesson is amongst the few women who have managed to excel in both residential and commercial real estate.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Vanessa is a Spanish, Italian, and Native American realtor, currently pursuing a degree in Business Management from the University of Florida. Before she became a part of the real estate industry, she featured in several movies and TV shows where she did a commendable job. However, at that point in time, no one could have imagined that the gorgeous model and actor with an exquisite figure would one day be amongst the top realtors in America.

It is unfortunate that beautiful women face such stereotypes, but it sure is praiseworthy how Vanessa Chesson rose above them all and proved what a strong-headed girl she is. Vanessa’s interest in real estate began when the COVID pandemic forced several industries across the world to shut down. Though she started off as the assistant of Abe Franco, a famous real estate investor, she didn’t step into the business till 2020. “With Abe Franco, I experienced how the real estate world worked, and then one day, I stopped being his assistant,” shares Vanessa. “He owns and sells commercial properties like warehouses, gas stations, fast food, multi-units, and residential homes. After I had gained my knowledge, Abe inspired me to start real estate on my own.”

The first step Vanessa Chesson took was to purchase residential homes. She then upgraded and modernized the houses to cater to the market demand. Once she devised a solid plan, she would kickstart the renovations and then put the home up for sale. A few such projects later, not only was Vanessa earning millions of dollars but also selling and investing in commercial properties.

One such successful venture is a penthouse she flipped in Miami with mentor and friend Abe Franco. The 6 million dollar property is an ace location for shoots, and the two partners are minting money off it till it’s finally sold. The penthouse was also used by rapper Drei with Rick Ross for a stunning music video.

Vanessa is also a business partner of real estate king Grant Cardone, a high-profile investor who earns millions in commercial property investments. This partnership has opened up several grand opportunities for Vanessa – all of which she has embarked on with tons of bright ideas. Yes, whichever property she touches becomes a gold mine that can generate profits for years to come!

This isn’t all. Vanessa Chesson, who is the current real estate reigning queen, started a company known as VIP RENOVATIONS LLC. The firm has gained popularity by catering to people interested in buying her flips. She is also the brains behind V Investments LLC. The firm is targeted towards investors aiming to churn our profit by utilizing her assistance and expertise.

Since Vanessa Chesson has expanded her real estate business and projects on such a large scale, she has become the top choice for real estate investors. This is because Vanessa has a vision and perception that can turn any property that comes her way into a haven of profit.

As far as her personal mantra is concerned, Vanessa shares, “My motto is always give, never give up.” She further adds, “I always remain focused on every property I take up and continue concocting ideas and solutions till it is renovated to perfection.”

Do you have a passion for real estate and want to excel in the business? Learn from Vanessa Chesson by viewing the properties she has worked on, transforming them into stunning ones.

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