A Vital Insight Into The Victorian Government Solar Rebate

More people are now aware of the benefits of using solar power and the fact that there is an abundance of sunlight to power their entire house or office. However, one of the biggest issues many people face is the initial cost. The upfront cost is often too high for homeowners and small businesses. It is possible to lower this initial investment by taking advantage of the solar panels Melbourne government rebate. This is an offer provided by the government to help those who are interested to make the switch from conventional power to solar power.

Several professional solar firms help homeowners with the installation of solar panels, batteries, and also solar water heating systems. They also assist homeowners to claim their rebates and lower the initial cost of installation. This article provides vital information on how one can take advantage of this solar rebate offered by the government.

What is the Victorian Government solar rebate?

The solar panel rebate in Melbourne is expected to maintain its current value of up to $1850 with the option of an interest-free loan as well. This offer is valid until the 30th of June 2021. There are 8951 solar panels (PV) rebates remaining in this release. This rebate is available to homeowners as well as rental properties.

This a special initiative by the Victorian Government with the sole aim of helping the people interested in making the transition to using renewable solar energy. Besides, it is also a good way to save money on the annual electricity bill and also have to pay less for the installation of a new solar panel system. This is a good option for those who wish to become energy independent and go off-grid.

Who is Eligible for the solar rebate in Melbourne?

The Victorian Government Solar Rebate is meant for households in Victoria however, only for the owner or occupier of the property. Listed here are the conditions for one to be eligible to take advantage of this rebate:

  • Only the homeowner or occupier (rental property) is eligible.
  • The household taxable income should be less than $180,000 per year.
  • Those who have already received a rebate as a homeowner or occupier are not eligible.
  • The house should not have a preexisting solar battery solution and the storage solution they select should be one approved by Solar Victoria.
  • It is meant for only those properties which have a value under $3 Million.
  • In order to be eligible, there should be no previous claims for the respective address.
  • Houses that already have a solar PV system are not eligible.

How to find accredited solar retailers & take advantage of the rebate?

Finding a good firm to install solar panels in Melbourne is easier than you may have imagined. There are several firms offering such a service however it is easy to fall prey to those offering substandard solar panels. One should ideally opt for those who are accredited Clean Energy Council designers and installers.  Also, ensure the firm is a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer.

Since the Victorian Government is fully committed to encouraging people to install solar panels in Melbourne and take advantage of their rebate; the first step is to ensure you are eligible for the rebate. This can be done by seeking assistance from the experts of solar panel installers. These rebates do not affect the STC schemes and can also be applied to an off-grid system. The best way to take advantage of the government rebate is to contact the professionals and allow them to guide you through the process.