A Visit to El Yunque Puerto Rico The Trip of Lifetime

As if it’s not enough that Puerto Rico is the number one destination for travellers, it also has one of the most beautiful rainforests in the country. El Yunque National Forest is a U.S. National Forest Service prized for its beauty, diversity, and relaxing pools. Hiking, waterfalls, and unique wildlife are some of the many attractions to visitors. Planning a trip to El Yunque? Don’t miss these 5 tips on what you can do and what you should keep in mind while visiting.

The best time to visit El Yunque

Here’s some good news for all travellers, there are no bad times of year to visit El Yunque. Although Puerto Rico is warm and sunny from December to mid-April, other times also offer pleasant weather. During this time of year, you might avoid crowds if you wait until June to November, which is the less popular rainy season, but gives you the best rates on flights and hotels.

The time of day influences how many people you will see. It’s best to start early in the day so you can beat the crowds and avoid the hottest time of day. This way, you can experience your vacation without feeling frustrated.

The National Forest of El Yunque, in the northeast corner of Puerto Rico, has been hit hard by Hurricane Maria. Efforts to rebuild and recover have been underway for years. There may be some trails and parts of the forest that are closed during your visit.

Hey, before you head out to the forest, make sure it’s actually open! The USDA Forest Service website is a good resource for checking the status of the national forest. One of the many benefits of guided tour are that your guide will let you know where you can and can’t go during your visit.

Things to do in El Yunque

El Yunque has many activities for people of all kinds. If you want to explore the world with your eyes, there are lots of beautiful sights to see. If you want to explore the world with your feet, there are lots of hiking trails for you to walk on. If you want to explore the ocean, there are many opportunities for swimming.

Guided hikes to experience the best views

The lush, green rainforest of El Yunque is something you will never forget. Hiking through the trails is a breathtaking experience that people everywhere should enjoy. There are different levels of difficulty for the trails, so no matter what you are looking for, there is a trail for you.

If you want to enjoy the rainforest, then a guided hike is the way to go because you will be sure to see the best of the El Yunque Forest. You’ll have the opportunity to see rare species of birds, frogs, bats, and more. Of course, everyone is always looking for the coquí, which is a small type of frog that makes a unique sound.

A beautiful hike awaits you in El Yunque. So many natural wonders are to be seen, with waterfalls being the most stunning. There are 3 different falls you can enjoy – La Mina Falls, La Coca Falls, and Juan Diego Falls. Every time you go, you will discover a different waterfall. Just remember to bring raincoats, umbrellas and water as it rains a lot when it does.

Adventurous zipline for the fearless

Adrenaline junkies need not fear. With ziplines in the rainforest, you can fly high and feel the wind in your hair. The ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Along the zipline, you can experience the longest line in the area.

Looking for a way to experience the rainforest? Get out your zipline tour! This is an amazingly fun way to see the rainforest from bird’s-eye view. Thrill-seekers won’t want to skip this adventure.

Getting there to El Yunque

The best way to get to the rainforest is to book a guided tour. This includes transportation and a meeting spot. Picking you up and drop-off from your hotel or making your way to a meeting point, you don’t need to worry about anything.

It might be best to take rental car If you’re visiting San Juan and want to get to El Yunque on your own. The drive from San Juan is about 45 minutes long. Keep yourself on track by relying on a navigation app.

The address for the visitor center is PR-191 Río Grande, PR 00745. From San Juan, you can take Route 66, which is a toll road, east to Route 3 East. The entrance is thru the town of Palmer just before the awesome Luquillo beach. Taxis are not allowed inside the park.

Important Note: COVID-19 Mandatory Info

Due to covid restrictions you need to call and make a reservation to get access
to the park. Be informed via the US Forest Service website. For more tips on what to do to have a best use of your time check outYunque’s blog “most common question what can I do in El Yunque”

Final words

El Yunque, you will never forget this breathtaking Puerto Rican rainforest! It’s a treasure and a joy to visit, and you’ll come out of it with memories and photos that will last a lifetime.

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