A Step by Step Process for Moving Furniture Guide

Packing and moving from one place to another has always been a daunting process. It requires thorough planning and guidance for everything to take place smoothly. However, at a time during the process, it can get quite painful and stressful when huge and heavy items need to be shifted. It can get tiring when heavy boxes need to packed and moved to the loading truck and vice versa. Besides, lifting boxes and heavy items in general need a lot of workforce and support, which can contribute to more expenses. Thus, for you to feel refreshed throughout the day, here are a few techniques to lift heavy items in the right manner. We, packers and movers in Bangalore always ensure to provide training to our packers and movers so that they can do any lifting task easily and without getting tired. However, to those who additionally want to learn techniques to lift heavy items, the below are a few that you can follow to move and lift heavy items easily. 


Before learning the principles of safe lifting, you must prepare. Preparation is always the key to success, thus before moving heavy objects on your moving day, ensure that you do not try to speed up the process. Take things slow and attempt to lift items according to the posture that you find the most comfortable. Ensure you do not strain your back and wear comfortable clothes during the moving day. Further, we packers and movers in Bangalore always ensure that while the moving takes place, there are no obstacles that are present along the pathway. We guarantee to clean away the pathway as cluttered items can jeopardize the safety to the movers as well as anyone involved in the move. Also, be aware of the paths outside of your house, ensure that they are free from any debris, water, mud and ice. Also, it is essential to wear your comfiest shoes that have the right protection. Your shoes need to have rubber soles that offer flexibility and good friction in order for you to lift objects without any injury.

Lastly, do not hesitate to ask your friends to help you. Packing and moving furniture and heavy boxes shouldn’t be something that you do on your own; it is dangerous and unsafe. Request a few of your goods friend to help you when packing and moving. However, we, packers and movers in Bangalore believe that hiring professional movers like us is the best option to avoid getting hurt or wasting time on shifting, during the move. 

Proper lifting techniques to follow:

  1. Think before you lift

Hasty actions can lead to a rough day to a week. It is essential to make sure that you understand your body and the weight that you are lifting. You need to be aware that the weight that your lifting won’t lead to a bad ending. We, packers and movers in Bangalore recommend you to discuss the situation with your friends and resist the temptation to prove yourself or your friends on how strong you are. 

  1. Have a proper back posture and a stable base

Improper lifting technique can first lead to back in just- something that you do not to get at any cost. Thus make sure you adopt for a proper back posture, this can be done by keeping your back straight at all time and looking straight ahead. Also, ensure that your upper back is as straight as possible while your lower limbs do the work. Additionally, keep a stable base with your feet while lifting any heavy object. The distance between your feet must be should-width apart so that the weight of the object you are lifting is distributed across the whole body without adding pressure to one area specifically.

  1. Bend your knees and move your feet

The right lifting techniques involves the work of your knees, not your back. This is the most crucial detail to be stressed upon. Bending your knees will use the help of your leg muscles to power the lifting operation and will reduce the pressure on your weaker back muscles, not causing any injuries. Further, we, packers and movers in Bangalore believe that it is important that you do not twist your back while carrying heavy objects. Thus, we recommend that one way to prevent is by turning your hips at the waist so to move your feet while holding the load. 

  1. Keep a good grip 

Lastly, we, packers and movers provide our staff with training, and one part of the training involves keeping a good grip while lifting. We recommend movers to wear gloves to improve grip and to protect their fingers during the move. This enables one in minimizing the risks of accidents during the process of packing and moving

In conclusion, we recommend everyone to follow the above instruction and techniques for a happier and safer packing and moving. Happy shifting!