A Simple Look at the 4 Benefits of 3D Printing

Don’t look now, but 3D printing is making a solid mark in today’s technology. Like many technologies, it will become entrenched in our way of life when most of us still wouldn’t know anything about its origin and application. For that reason, we are submitting this beginners guide to 3D printing.

The thing is that many experts today are claiming that 3D printing will eventually be larger than the Internet — now that’s a big claim – and it means we need to learn more.

Overview of 3D printing technology

The term 3D printing pertains to many kinds of processes expected to produce a wide assortment of products and parts from various materials. The commonality of these processes is that they will utilize a layer-by-layer additive process instead of traditional production methods based on casting and molding.

New innovative applications using 3D printers are popping pretty much daily. This indicates how the technology is penetrating several consumer and industrial sectors – which will likely only increase over the new decade.

Market pundits agree that we are seeing the tip of the iceberg of a new technology that will eventually take over the production of existing manufacturing processes and trail blaze completely new markets – particularly in the medical field.

Four significant benefits of 3D printing

Now let us examine the four primary benefits of embracing this existing new technology.


If there’s one thing that has driven modern technology, it’s been customization. The 3D printing process completely embraces the concept of customization, but on a massive scale. This process offers more flexibility and personalization than any other before now.

With minor adjustments and modifications, it can quickly adapt to meet the needs of any individual requirement – and it can robustly do this. Not too long ago, such a notion was unheard of and nearly impossible. This is not the case anymore.

Sophistication, precision, and complexity

Not only can the 3D processes be customized, but they can also undertake jobs that are very complex and require incredible precision. This ability alone has taken manufacturing processes to a new level.

The levels of complexity offered by 3D printing were simply not attainable with traditional manufacturing processes. This is perhaps the most jaw-dropping aspect surrounding this new technology.

An increased ability to handle complex projects has had an enormous impact on existing industrial processes. Previously used applications can now create sophisticated components that are stronger and much lighter than before. The aerospace sector, in particular, is greatly benefiting from this factor.


Another benefit for industrial manufacturers is reducing and eliminating one of their most costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive phases during product development. And that is tool production. 3D printing will significantly impact several medium to low volume applications by reducing or even eliminating the need for tools.

More and more manufacturers are discovering this exciting benefit of using 3D technology. It is a game-changer for most of them – as their operating costs go way down.

Friendly to the environment

Another incredible benefit from 3D printing is that it’s an environmentally friendly technology. This means that it will be embraced by virtually every business and marketing sector. The process is energy-efficient, but it also utilizes as much as 90% of material it uses, reducing waste.

Combine these factors with the fact that it will significantly reduce the carbon footprint compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Final thoughts

After examining the benefits of using 3D printers, we can expect to see more and more companies using the technology.

The process is cleaner and more efficient, but products can be quickly produced on-demand as needed. Thus, we can say goodbye to large inventories and the headaches of managing shipping logistics associated with them.