A Simple Guide on How to Charter a Private Jet

Have you ever wanted to cut out the bustle of the airport and the hassle of commercial flights? If yes, then private charter flights are the best option for you. If you know how to book them, they can also cost less than you think.

Many people feel put off by the charter process. Read on for our guide on how to charter a private jet. 


There are a number of factors that can determine how much a private plane charter can cost. The most obvious is the distance and time the plane will be traveling for. Generally, you can expect to pay between $5000 and $10,000 per hour. 

Private jet prices can often be lowered by using the subscriptions and loyalty programs set up by many carriers. If you plan to be chartering a plane regularly, then you can also consider short-term leasing programs. However, this will also incur additional costs such as storage and de-icing. 

Types of Aircraft

The rest of the cost will be determined by the types of private jets on offer. When deciding, take into account the number of people traveling, the cargo requirements, and the route. These reasons can help you see the benefits of private charter and also give a better idea of aircraft sizes. 

Larger crafts will have room for more people and may have beds for sleeping. Multi-zone cabins will also offer more privacy, akin to a luxury hotel. These crafts are more suited for bigger parties on long-haul excursions and cost more. 

Choose Between Operators and Brokerages

Operators and brokerages are the two main options when chartering a private plane. The operators are the company who maintain and fly the aircraft. Brokerages are the people who can set you up with the flight, bridging the gap between operators and customers. 

If you have a specific airport to fly out of, check for an operator based there. They can give you direct quotes, or contact other operators they may know if they can not give you an aircraft for that trip. 

Brokers will rely on the operators to provide this information for them. They will take a cut, but you are paying to take out the hassle of booking. In some instances, they may even get discounts for providing regular business and be able to get lower deals. 

Checking Safety

While most operators will have stringent standards, it always pays to check the safety record. Ask the operators for their safety records. These should also be provided for the craft and pilot as well as the operator. 

Wyvern and Argus are responsible for safety in the private aviation sector. A certification by either of these means the company has reached a certain standard and should set your mind at ease. Make sure you have two pilots who are both accredited. 

Charter a Private Jet

Now you know how to charter a private jet, you just need to decide upon the destination! Start by contacting operators or a brokerage and price up a flight. Then you can head to the skies in perfect peace and luxury! 

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