A Quick Overview of a 2 Ton AC Unit with a Heat Pump

It might not be fair to say that heat pumps are in vogue, but it would definitely be fair to mention that they have garnered attention for a few of their long term advantages. Considering the fact that heat pumps are highly energy efficient, can both heat and cool a house, and have very long lifespans, they are deserving of a little attention.

Still, for some of you that have gotten wind of the buzz but live in climates where it’s too hot to cool your homes by aid of a heat pump alone, you may have looked into other alternatives, such as split systems with a heat pump and an air handler. The Goodman 2 Ton 16 SEER Heat Pump System available at Budget Air Supply is one of these; but, what does it offer?

This 2 ton AC unit with a heat pump comes with a 16 SEER outdoor condenser that is capable of producing up to 24,000 BTUs of both heating and cooling energy. As it can provide for both heating and cooling in a very energy efficient manner, it’s suitable for homes in many areas of the country. Also, at this size, this unit might be adequate for cooling a space of somewhere about 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. This is an extremely rough estimate, but enough to set a baseline.

For those of you who would need a little bit of additional cooling power, this unit comes with a Goodman SmartFrame air handler that is capable of adding another 24,000 BTUs of cooling power into the setup. As this unit provides for more total cooling power than heating power, it might be a viable option for areas with less forgiving summers..

The air handler has a direct-drive, multi-speed ECM blower motor and an all-aluminum evaporator coil for better longevity and long-lasting performance. It also has a coil mounting track for quick positioning at installation or if the coil ever needs to be manipulated for maintenance.

Because this air handler can provide for upflow, downflow and two way horizontal flow, it is a prime option for any of you who will need flexibility and accommodation from your equipment. It can be incorporated into quite a range of settings given its flexibility.

This unit also has several features that help to keep a lid on corrosion and volume. As far as corrosion and longevity are concerned, it is made with a SmartFrame cabinet with a back and sides that lack screws. This prevents condensation from gaining a foothold and causing undue rust. It’s also made with a thermoplastic drain pain that also, not being a reactive metal, will not rust.

As for keeping noise down and insulation up, the cabinet comes with foil-faced insulation to improve the efficiency of the unit, keep noise down, and prevent too much condensation from forming. It serves a few utilitarian functions, like anything that’s well engineered; it’s also designed to be held in place without the use of adhesives.

These are some of the draws that this specific Goodman 2 ton AC unit with a heat pump brings to the table, but you can’t make a pairing for your home without knowing more about its floor plan, insulation, the climate, and more. If you’re looking for a little help in actually choosing a new AC or AC-heat pump system for your home, have a conversation with a specialist.

You can get in touch with the customer service team at Budget Air Supply at BudgetAirSupply.com or by calling them at 855-473-6484; let them know about your home and they’ll ask you the relevant questions they need in order to make the right recommendations. There are many other heat pump packages, heat pump split systems and air conditioner package units to sift through; don’t do it alone.