A Quick Guide to Marketing: Marketing for Attorney’s

While becoming an attorney is not easy, it can become even harder to get recognized by people once you get the required qualifications to practice. Well, you could end up with a strong base of clients but that won’t happen overnight. It could take you several years.

However, certain strategies such as effective marketing can establish your expertise without necessarily having to break a sweat. So, how do you need to market yourself to get recognized as a lawyer in your region? Below is a quick guide to market yourself effectively as an attorney:

1.   Social Media

Over the years, social media has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for most consumer brands, including legal industries. Social media is becoming a common marketing strategy amongst independent attorneys and even law firms at large.

If used correctly, social media will go a long way to help you attract potential clients as well as build valuable connections. To market yourself effectively using social media, ensure that you create your brand awareness, engage your target audience, attract prospective clients, establish thought leadership, and work on SEO.

2.   Professional Photography

You could be wondering how photography will benefit you as an attorney. It is crucial to have quality photographs in your law firm as an attorney. Professional photographs will give your potential clients an idea of who you are. Besides that, a simple professional photograph will convince a prospective customer that you are trustworthy.

Wondering what photographs to hang on your office wall? You are a professional in law. Photography should never worry you. All you need to do is hire a professional photographer near you and they will give you great photography ideas. For instance, most attorneys prefer traditional looks. Your photographer will guide you on the best poses for attorneys that will market your brand effectively.

3.   Have a Website

A website is one of the crucial marketing strategies to consider, especially if you are a new practice. The website should clearly describe who you are; more about your specialty and niche. Most attorneys are known to offer more than one service. If that’s your case, be sure to outline each of them clearly. This is to ensure that potential clients understand how you could be of help to them.

Other than marketing yourself, you should also focus on providing your online audience with helpful resources. For instance, you can provide them with helpful law-related e-books or links with general information about your area of expertise. Such helpful resources will keep people on your website. Some of these people could need your service someday.

4.   Utilize SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the use of certain online strategies to help a website get ranked high on search engines such as Google. SEO practice can work as a significant marketing tool for you as an attorney as long as you follow certain set practices.

Some of these practices include:

Using local keywords. Local keywords will help you be visible to relevant searches made near you. This will increase the chances of attracting clients from your region.

Categorize your website. Categorizing your site will make it easy for your audience to navigate your website and find the pages they want. This is crucial, especially if you offer various legal services. Categorizing your site will help visitors get to the legal issue that is of interest to them easily.

Optimize your pages. You are competing with thousands of other attorneys in the world. Optimizing individual pages of your website will make it easy for search engines to find them. We have found that this site has really competitive rates and experience doing marketing for attorney’s

5.   Participate in Local Events

Participating in local events is a great way to market yourself both online and offline. You can sponsor seminars or probably local teams such as football. Alternatively, you can offer to volunteer to help with a few local legal cases if you are not financially able to sponsor events.

Such acts won’t go unnoticed by the locals. For instance, someone might get inspired by your kindness and post you on social media where you could gain more recognition. You do not have to break your bank to get recognition from the locals. A simple volunteer act will go a long way.

To conclude we can see that attorney’s needs a good mix of personal branding for themselves as well as branding for their law firm. Having a solid online presence does not mean you need to be marketing in one area but you, instead, need to take a multi-channel approach and utilize all avenues. This can include creating a personal website, adding clean and clear headshots to you about page, adding to the conversation with social media and taking part in local trade shows and events.

Marketing challenges for law professionals will always be there but with the right approach you can get BIG results.

Josh Shankowsky

Josh Shankowsky is a professional content writer with Snap SEO.