A quick guide to making eCommerce website on WordPress

Word Press has made huge strides in the last couple years to become a full-fledged CMS. For our clients at 1Digital Agency, it’s the preferred CMS system hands down. With the evolution of WordPress comes the need to offer ecommerce abilities as many sites unite content with product.

The tech world is advancing, more products and services are sold and offered online through e-commerce and there are a few strong platforms that are shining above the rest. WordPress ecommerce is a great option as it has features from an open community that devotes time and resources to help WordPress evolve. There are many WordPress plugins that can be fully customized and utilized for ecommerce functions. WordPress is a great place for commerce products of all ranges in all industries.

WordPress e-commerce allows us to fully customize your back end system to comply with all web standards and deliver an unparalleled experience. Since WordPress is an open system with thousands of programmers that support and develop for ecommerce targeted websites, WordPress ecommerce makes for a great option when choosing between e-commerce platforms.

WordPress ecommerce


WordPress offers the ability to integrate many different payment options as well as gateway providers. There are different varieties and preferences and while using WordPress ecommerce, we utilize many of these options and offer them to our clients.


Subscribed members play an important role in any e-commerce website and their engagement level is a key metric. This powerful CMS system gives you the ability to track and manage members as well as subscriptions and the analytics.


Categories, sub categories, lists and endless products can drive anyone crazy. Managing all these areas can become complex. No one has all day to keep on looking for a product or services and such areas should be easily found when a consumer browses your website. We have solutions for your product filtering with our ecommerce plugin and custom code. Now your product/service search is beyond the confines of the mundane. Besides our custom widget, there are plenty of other options that we can custom program or use that will work with product filtering.


Ability to offer various shipping methods with live rate quotes from an array of carriers such as FedEx, UPS and USPS is critical. Specify your shipping rates and configure tax classes and local tax rates.


Carry out the day to day operations of sore management with intuitive user interface or delegate such responsibilities to store managers.


Marketing and promotion will keep you selling. Reward your customers with discounts and free shipping.


Great ways to checkout with 1-page checkout forms that make it easy for your customers to checkout and finish their purchase.

WordPress Responsive Website Design


While WordPress is an amazing Content management system, many developers have the habit of creating websites which look terrible when viewed from different devices. All our websites are developed to fit to all devices no matter the screen perfectly.

Woocomerce custom design

WooCommerce is an eCommerce system built on WordPress and is made to handle eCommerce while using WordPress as your main system. WooCommerce is a great customizable software that comes with a lot of support, themes and plugins within the WordPress community. 1Digital Agency has WooCommerce developers & designers that can integrate, customize and make you a full functioning eStore that looks professional and let’s you run your full eCommerce business on WordPress.

WordPress Ecommerce SEO:

Doing SEO of a website that is built on the CMS, Like WordPress, is also not much difficult task to do. You can do on-page SEO easily in just a few hours. You can speed up the WordPress website, install YOAST SEO Plugin, and set metaData easily.  Google also gives much importance to websites that are on WordPress. Meantime, 40% of websites are in WordPress. So if you want to start your E-commerce Website, then choose WordPress. It will boost your business and will make your work easy.