A Quick Guide to Financing for Home Buyers Through Lease Purchase in Atlanta

The first concern to buy any property is the budget. Conventionally, inflation, low incomes, and recessions were the causes of limiting people to arrange money to buy homes that they love. However, today, the pandemic has emerged as a cause to cripple macroeconomic as well as microeconomic variables. There are new challenges for those who look for financial options to purchase a home.

People need to be more cautious whether they opt for a conventional mortgage or lease purchase in Atlanta. If you have planned to purchase a home this year, then you need to understand the market where you intend to invest.

This quick guide is written for all who are exploring financing options to buy homes.

#1. Lease to Own Home

The mortgage is a conventional method to purchase property, and not everyone succeeds in qualifying for the mortgage. So, real estate companies like Dream America came up with a plan to offer the lease-purchase option. They have properly planned lease to purchase programs.

Clients can choose the home that they like. The real estate agent of the company buys that home.

Sometimes the companies give a certain budget. They do not entertain clients who try to buy a home beyond that defined budget. Nonetheless, the client can live in that home as a tenant for the time period that both parties mutually decide.

A certain percentage of the rent is credited to the purchase price of the home. For example, Dream America credits 10% of the paid rent towards the purchase price. 

#2. Mortgage Lending

A mortgage can be a fixed-rate mortgage which is one of the conventional types of loans. It is not easy to qualify for such loans. One needs to have more amount in hand to get a loan and in return have to pay a lower income to debt ratio. The interest rate that the mortgagor has to pay varies, depending on the amount of the loan that you get.

Conventional mortgage loans cover conforming and non-conforming loans. Conforming loans are never beyond the limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). However, according to the rules and regulations, one cannot sell non-conformal loans to someone else.

#3. Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Another option for home buyers (mostly recommended to first-time buyers) is the FHA loans. One of the issues that many mortgagors face is the higher interest rates. Most of them say, they could timely pay their instalments for the loan if it wasn’t for the higher interest rates.

Moreover, the down payment is another problem for them. They fail to arrange hefty down payments.  People prefer FHA loans because one needs very less amount to pay as the down payment.

# 4. VA Loans

VA  loans are offered under the Veterans Affairs Program. It is comparatively easier and feasible to apply for VA loans. However, one needs confirmation from the VA department because it is meant for veterans, not for everyone.

There are certain standards to check the eligibility of the person applying for the VA loan. If you have a choice between VA and FHA loan, it is better to go for the VA loan. The best about the VA loan is that you do not need to pay the down payment.

Floating Rate Mortgage

A floating rate mortgage is different from a fixed-rate mortgage because it is expected the income of the mortgagor will increase with time. It is another considerable option for those who are buying a home for the first time. However, the risk factor involved in this loan option is higher. If things do not go the way you planned and your income does not increase in the future, then things can get complicated.

In a nutshell, there are a lot more financing options as well as complexities to arrange money for the home that you want to buy. If you are buying a home for the first time, things can be complicated for you. A layman cannot understand the legalities and issues about loans and lease etc. It is better to contact one of the best lease to own home companies in Atlanta just like Dream America. To lock a risk-free deal, Dream America is the right place to get help. The team present at this platform will make you invest money to get the home worth living.