A Quick Guide on How to Add Custom Widgets to Your WordPress Website

A 2018 study shows that 94% of first impressions of a website are related to the site’s web design.

Have you ever visited a website and immediately left it because it looked horrible? Are the features of your website easy for the customer to navigate across all of their devices? What are some improvements that you could make to your web design?

Making sure that your website’s design is top-notch can help you land more customers and grow your business.

Keep reading to learn about how to add custom widgets to your WordPress website. 

What Are Widgets

Before discussing how to add custom widgets to your site, it is important to cover what widgets really are. Widgets are pieces of interactive content that can be found on most websites.

Have you ever seen an option to go to a business’s Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube page simply by clicking the social logo on the website? This is a popular example of how WordPress widgets can be used on your website. They are commonly located on the sidebar but can be customized to fit anywhere on the web page.

How to Add Custom Widgets

The ability to add custom widgets will likely depend on which WordPress theme that you are using. 

If you work with, you can get custom widgets designed that are both ad-free and mobile-friendly. The ability to have the widgets available on all viewing platforms will make for a more consistent user experience.

You can also customize these widgets to change throughout the day or stay the same for a longer time. The ability to customize can also help you stand out from the websites of companies within your industry.

Why Websites Really Matter

There are so many reasons that businesses have websites, even with the extreme growth of social media. Websites offer information for the customer and the business that is hard to find anywhere else.

Websites are a great place for businesses to gather leads and learn about their potential customers. Whether they fill out a form or share information another way, these are people you may not have been able to reach organically in any other way.

Websites are also an important part of the overall brand image and credibility of a company. If you are a business that is very successful, how can people contact you or work with you if they can’t find your information? Not having a website is almost unheard of for any size of business for that reason.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about how to add custom widgets to your WordPress website, you can create a new look for your website today. By customizing, you can renovate the look of your website as needed and not be locked into the same design for months or years.

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