A quick and easy guide on car insurance renewal

If you want to keep your four-wheeler protected always, insurance renewal is essential. But you will be surprised that the process is not that tricky. The recent development of car insurance renewal online has offered the vehicle owners host of benefits and saves money, time, and effort. If you are looking to renew the policy, here is a simple guide for a hassle-free renewal.

Before proceeding with the tips, remember, third-party car insurance is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

Timely renewal

If you forget to renew the policy within the due date, contact your insurance company instantly and fix an appointment for the vehicle to get surveyed. After the successful survey, you can proceed with the renewal. If your policy expires only in a few days, you can renew without paying penalty charges. Remember not to drive the car until you renew the insurance and hold the necessary documents handy.


Make sure that all the previous policy documents and claim papers are ready with you. Insurance companies require these documents for understanding the claim history and assign the No Claim Bonus on the car policy renewal accordingly. Ensure that the relevant papers, such as manufacturer’s name, model, brand details, registration zone, RTO office address, first registration date, etc., are safe and secure.

Online renewal

Online car insurance renewalis an excellent provision available nowadays. It saves time and avoids cumbersome documentation. Login to your chosen insurer’s portal, click on the online renewal option, and fill in the desired fields. Ensure to fill in the information such as policy number, registration details, and other details thoroughly. Before submitting, recheck everything against the details present on the documents handy. This way, you avoid errors and miscommunication.

Once you send the renewal form, the insurer sends the quotes to you. But if you plan to renew the policy with another company, that is not a complicated task either.

Renewing online with another insurance company

If you want to do car insurance renewal with another insurer online, many insurers permit the same based on the previous policy details. Now when you need to renew, check for payments under the online medium.

Payment for online renewal

There are different modes of payment for car insurance policy renewal is done online. The channels include debit/credit card or net banking. Today, you can renew with digital wallets as well, partnered with a specific insurance company. Once done with the payment, you receive the renewed policy documents at your registered email address.


You can set reminders on the insurance company portals for the timely renewal of the car insurance. Besides, the company’s apps enable you to renew the policy when on the move quickly. You can even click a picture of the lapsed policy and upload it on the portal. You also have the provisions to make premium payments on the insurer’s website.

Owning a vehicle means up keeping, maintaining, and frequently doing 4-wheeler insurance renewal. By following the mentioned tips and implementing them, ensures timely and safe renewals. It also saves a sizeable amount of funds.


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