A pre-move checklist for a smooth relocation

You need to put your activities in order for smooth relocation without forgetting anything. The pre-move checklist is a great solution for a home and office move.

In reality, this is not the case; such a condition would be impossible. The move, when it is professionally organized, is something that is managed over the months.

This is why it is not a question of leaving the house suddenly: you have time to organize the packages, put fragile objects in a safe place, dismantle the furniture (including the kitchen and the bedroom) and move them to the new home.

There is always a need for a good to-do list to avoid finding yourself in a problem or a waste of time to deal with in such a delicate moment.

 So, where to start?

Here’s what you should always take into consideration.

Confirmed the services necessary for the move?

Let’s put it as the first point to be checked before starting any preliminary operation. Have you booked a professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

Perfect, this step gives you good guarantees. But make sure you have indicated which extra services to use. For example, do you need furniture storage?

Or maybe the disposal of bulky items? Check that everything is clear.

Did you buy the boxes and packaging?

Everyone is concerned about ensuring that glasses and plates don’t break, but the operation is not carefully planned in most cases.

Something is always missing. This is why you must certify that this step is always at the forefront of the things to do before the move.

So you can buy the right packaging boxes for your purpose, avoiding mistakes and oversized purchases.

Notified work or clients of your absence?

You will not be able to work during the days of your move. Impossible. You will have the boxes to close and arrange, the furniture to organize, and the workers to follow.

Of course, if you ask for help from a specialized company, you can get an important hand and save time.

Electricity, water and gas utilities transferred?

It would be a big problem, seriously. Could you leave home without having terminated the contracts with electricity, water and gas?

Have you already connected the utilities to the new home?

Here is a decisive step of the checklist: do not fly over, inquire at the individual services to check the steps to be taken in view of a transfer. So you can match the times perfectly.

Children and pets: who takes care of them?

You have managed your priorities, but you realize that you have ignored one of the most important points: non-independent people, namely children.

 It also applies to animals such as cats and dogs. That’s why you need to be sure of this point: before starting the move, you need to have your back covered.

Have you selected what you don’t need?

It is an essential junction for the success of your transfer process, and you must put it in the foreground; it cannot be missing from the list of things to do for the move.

What’s it about?

You have to make a list of the objects that, in the boxing phase, will not follow you. It is not a question of a simple cleaning; this activity is essential for organizing a quick and easy move.

What do you need to always have the steps aligned?

 It is a simple agenda, a paper or electronic calendar, or perhaps an application on your smartphone that allows you to set up alerts.

That is, email or message alerts to remind you what to do. A moment of distraction is enough to find yourself with a big problem to solve.

The final tip: you can use Google Calendar to set points in your schedule.