A Powerful Self-Mastery Training Resource Goes Viral

Early on, Matthew Lovett recognized the dangers of fear and how it limits us from achieving our true potential. Through years of practice in the arts of meditation and self-discipline, he came to realize that the energy of fear traps people in negative feedback loops, essentially a metaphysical prison.

Since then, Matt has worked diligently to create self-mastery training resources that help people overcome their fears so they can escape these toxic cycles. His latest work, Fearless Self, is the culmination of many of his most prominent ideas on the subject, and is now available at Digital Sages and on Gumroad, with a release on Amazon to come.

Who is Matthew Lovett?

For those who are not familiar with the name, Matt Lovett is a prolific writer of both personal development and speculative fiction work. He is a gifted empath and an accomplished business personality, having spearheaded many projects over the years, including Digital Sages, a vibrant online community and resource center for holistic health, personal empowerment, and spiritual development.

Matthew grew up around Oaklyn, NJ, in an area that he still considers to be an interstitial location full of magick and mystery. He was fortunate enough to have a wide range of life experiences that led him to embracing a purpose-driven path, one full of both hardship and prosperity.

Currently, Matthew Lovett is in the process of building a complete school of self-mastery training program that will be available on Digital Sages, and which will feature exhaustive materials on how to strengthen the mind and body in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Fearless Self acts as a primer to this material. It is a book that has been rewritten several times and has actually been available in some form or another online for several years. This latest version is nearly twice as long and is full of more actionable material. When writing the latest version, Matt is on record as stating that he wanted the book to be packed with value.

“I wasn’t satisfied with the original version. While it had plenty of information on how to train the mind, it didn’t quite get to the heart of what I wanted to convey.” While the original version sold well enough, Matt went back to the drawing board and has spent over a year perfecting the book.

“I am a believer in spiritual action. A direct approach to your own personal development that involves mindfulness exercises, visualization, fitness, dream work, and deep introspection.” Matthew Lovett’s unique approach has caught fire, as the Digital Sages community has burgeoned over the past year. With a Twitter following numbering in the thousands, several community collaborators on board, influencer partnerships in the making, and several new books on the way, it looks like this is only the beginning.

A New Form of Self-Mastery Training

Mastering the mind seems like an arduous task, but with the right methods, it can be made much easier. This is the thinking behind Fearless Self, which is at its heart a book about simplifying the idea of mindful living and self-mastery so that anyone can approach it.

For too long the science of hermetics and concepts like the law of attraction have been cloaked in mystery. Even popular books like “The Secret” don’t appeal to everyone because they tend to be laden with syrupy jargon and even religious connotations.

What sets Matt Lovett’s works apart is his belief that esoteric science doesn’t have to be abstract and complicated to decipher. His books include candid takes on subjects like quantum physics, the mind, and how to utilize the law of attraction.

“I didn’t enlist some guru to help me get where I am today,” Matt says. “I learned everything I know by trial and error, and having the guts to really look within.”

Fear is a central subject of the book, of course. It is fear, Matt says, that holds us back from realizing our true power.

“We all have the ability to carve out a better life for ourselves. We all possess the same spiritual tools and capacity for growth. Where we differ is in our willpower and bravery.”

What Fearless Self teaches is how to master the mind and body in order to release all of these fears that hold us back from becoming who we were meant to be. This is one of the central topics of the book and what makes it unique in a genre that sees far too much of the same rehashed information.

Written for anyone to understand but with plenty of deep insight and advanced information even an adept would appreciate, Fearless Self stands as a seminal piece of work that truly has transformative power. For those who are looking for effective and straightforward self-mastery training resources, this book is a must.